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Everyone wants a REAL orbiter - Live Show 4.10

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[50 years ago] [One Event] [Changed Everything] Benjamin Higginbotham: Welcome to Spacevidcast 4.10 for Friday, April 15th, 2011. We are your hosts, Benjamin and Cariann Higginbotham and Yuri's Night was like 2 nights ago. Cariann: What did you do? Ben: What? "Would Love any Space Shuttle", that will make sense in a moment. Yuri's Night was just a couple nights ago. The 50th anniversary of humans going into space and we were the global webcast provider for that, jumping around the world .... [confused] well I don't know what that is for .... ... jumping around the world going from different locations, showing the different parties, bringing different people to talk about their experiences and why humanity is so much fun, and you can get more information on "Why humanity is so much fun", that's what I said. It's not what I meant to say, but those were the words that came out! Cariann: Wow! What 50 years of human spaceflight meant to you and what the next 50 years will look like. Ben: Those words. Cariann: Those were the things we talked about. And ... why humanity is so much fun. Ben: Humanity is fun! On Yuri's Night, or during Yuri's Day, NASA announced where the different space shuttles were going to go. Space shuttle Discovery is going to the Smithsonian where where Enterprise is currently. Enterprise is going to New York, so they're going to take Enterprise out and move that orbiter over to New York. Space shuttle Endeavor is going to L.A., and space shuttle Atlantis, my girl, is going to the Kennedy Space Center visitor complex, which is ... Cariann: He's so happy about that. Ben: I am! Because there are two places we go as space nerds all the time. We go to KSC and then we go to the West Coast quite often, but it's in the L.A. area. But you know, we'll go to KSC then L.A., then KSC, then Ohio, then KSC .... So for every other trip we do, there's one other KSC trip, so we're constantly at Kennedy Space Center, which means I will probably get to see Atlantis up close and personal. That's ... of everywhere they could put that particular orbiter, that makes me happy. Now I would have been happy with them putting it anywhere. I would have gone to see Atlantis no matter where it was. But, you know, that's ... Jetforme said he got to stand right next to her. Thanks for rubbing that in. That's fantastic. Uh, but Ohio is not exactly pleased with that particular decision.

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States that didn't get a retired orbiter are upset. States that did get a retired orbiter but may not have deserved it are upset. And people are just plain grumpy about where the 4 remaining space shuttles will go. We also chat about delays in next generation rockets and how to INSPIRES kids.

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