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Teach you Design of: why am i Fear of my Parents?

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Fear of Parents - The Design of Fear of Parents Hi, this is the design of fear, of 'parents'. How parents, 'ruined' their child's Life? through, fear of love. (smile) Through fear as love, actually. Right. where do I start? Let's have a look Understand that we have, children that are being born in this world. Now, children are born in this world, in a family 'scenario or situation'. Now, taking for example, the young children are born in a 'family', placement in this world. Now, the parents of that child, had parents before them, and 'those parents' had parents before them. and, so we go back, and return here to the generations, after generation, after generation, after generations! Now interesting statement is made, by all, young children, and that 'one statement' Manifest as an experience of yourself, later in your world, that 'one statement' is the following: I will 'never teach' my children, the way my parents 'taught me'. (smile) or, my children will never grow up, as I grew up, with my parents. Then the children come. and then only after a long while, One occasion or one event or one situation will occur with your children, where you'll realize: Oh! Shit! I am indeed doing what I told myself 'I would never do'. I am doing with my children, exactly what has been done onto me, by my parents. This is what is referred to as 'the sins of the fathers', that has been passed down, from generation, to generation to generation. Now 'even if', it is not intended, to raise children as you had been raised. Or, to raise children as parents have been, or as "or parents", to raise their children as they'd been raised, although it wasn't intended, it does, 'still manifested' as an actual experience. Therefore, the children, who's of parents (sigh) the parents are mind 'systems'. and, all mind systems 'know' is what has been taught to them. What they have 'learned', and Right and wrong, and good and bad, positive negative, the polarity manifestation 'of the mind'. have a look at parents in this world. They're very much, manifested as the experience of the polarity 'based', equation of the mind. and thus, They will, teach- they taught their children accordingly. Now. What 'children' do not understand, and what children, have not understand or "cannot possibly understand", is parents' expression towards them, especially The expression of anger, and fear, 'big ones' - anxiety. Now when parents, shout at a child, or express anger to a child or fear, to a child, or anxiety, to a a child. The parent does not understanding that, what they're doing, towards "their expression of themselves" to their child, is actually existing within them. It's got "nothing", to do with the child The child of course, interpreted 'as them', being 'their fault', that they're to blame, and that, they're responsible for the situation but they "never actually" are. It's the parents "not understanding that" the children are here, 'to reflect you back to yourself'. and this is very important, imperative for parents, to understand- and realize You children stand there, as a 'unconditional expression of Life, as you'. Whatever expression, you toward your children 'understand', That "that which you're expressing towards them" you're actually! expressing towards yourself. The children are a mirror, a reflection of 'you'. Now, in terms of the children that are being born now, we have beings placed in, the birth of a child of awareness that have no such influences, will- harm a child's process in anyway whatsoever, and those beings that have been 'harmed', or influenced, by their parents' actions. of the past, of their parents' expressions of the past. I would suggest to go back to each and every event that occurred, and you'll find them in your mind, as memories, that is almost like being 'burned there, remaining there'. Like, like a 'scar' within your mind. that reminds you very much of your childhood, and your years of growing up, which you've, experienced still influencing your world in your life now Take it from one perspective, place yourself back, in those situation again. But! bring it 'Here'! place your self here, and then your parents before you. Or whoever, express specific words toward you, or has done specific 'actions' towards you. Understand one thing in those events, that it had 'nothing to do with you', absolutely nothing. They were merely, expressing themselves, what was actually going on inside them. Oh it'll be interesting, an application to do, is take a mirror. If you've taken a mirror, and place it in front of you as your, parents, or family members stood in front of you, and they were just screaming and shouting, or wanting to, kick you or hit you, or whatever they do you just place a mirror in front of you. What would they have been kicking and hitting and shouting at, 'themselves' actually. But this is what you have to see for yourself, and then also, to place your parents, or family member, who had specific voice words to you. Or done anything to you, any physical way, or emotional way of abuse. Place the being inside you as you, and apply self-forgiveness. If there're any reactions, thoughts, emotions, feelings, memories, Judgments, hatred, anger apply self-forgiveness, set yourself free from the past, from the memories. Because if you have a look, excuse me, because if you have a look. Those, are past events that occurred, that you're still accepting and allowing to influence you 'Here', as the breathe of Life, that's you. It is to 'let go of the past' to 'real-ize' yourself Here in every moment. Thank you very much. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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