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David Wilcock - Return to Camelot 11/15

0 (0 Likes / 0 Dislikes) the twelve century. I found this on Wikipedia of all places. This is the people that are dancing and making the thing fall down in an angelic realm, that's what they believed cause this rings, in the 1880's. This is a strange story, look at this, this is the equivalent to Headline News in 1678. This is what happened. Somebody comes over to chop a farmer's crop he's call the mower. The mower wanted a lot of money, the farmer wasn't willing to pay that much. So the farmer gets all pissed off and says: "I'd rather have the devil chop down these crops than you man!" That night, the farmer is in bed and the whole field gets all lit up like it's on fire. A perfect circle appeared in the crops the next morning as it says in this thing that you saw, so neatly mowed that no mortal man could have done it. Well, now we believe there is a bunch of drunks guys walking around, (British accent) "Hey, isn't this bright, we are making a crop circle." It's not the way it worked back then, . they were smart enough to know no person could have done this So this is the illustration. So, of course, if no person could have done it it's gotta be the devil. I'ts obvious, everybody knows that, so it's the devil. There he is, doing his little job (...). He's going around doing his thing. Ok, Now we have Dr. Robert Plot, who is at the begining of the renaissance a very educated and enlightened scientist, who was smart enough to look at the hip bone of a brontosaurus and see something entirely different. He's the world's first Homoerotic paleontologist because he saw the scrotum of a giant here. What a boner that would be! Alright. So what he did is he started to look at these crop circles forming and he actually drew pictures of them in the 1600's. These are his actual photographs, these are not just "circles", that's a spiral, that looks like somebody's ear with a soundwave going into it, and here is a perfect square inside a perfect circle. So Dr Robert Plot's educated hypothesis was (British Accent) "Oh, well there is a piece of square wind you see, and the square wind is making a square hole in the crops. That's not much better than what modern scients are trying to say for crop circles now, so nothing has changed in 400 years unfortunately. He also found that the soil underneath the crop circles was much dryer than ordinary which smelled like mouldy bread, -but then what does the guy do?- He puts it in his mouth and tastes it. That's a dedicated scientist. "Huh, my God it's horrible! Urghh!" Except that he found it didn't taste bad. So what do we know this is? This is all the water being sucked out the soil, Its totally dried out. Thats a cosmic thing that happened. Thats an extraterrestial technology. Dr Gil Levengood documented the same thing in the 1990s exactly the same thing, so its still working the same way. In the late 1940s somebody witnessed a whirlwind touching down and forming a circle in the corn, he believed it was wind in only in three or four seconds you have this perfect sharp edged circle that was very large three or four meters wide happen. Its about thirty feet, not quite thirty feet but its big, its like 15, 20 feet. August 1972, in Warminster, he hears a noise something pushes down the wheat but check out the last line, what does it say? The air was what? Completely still, there is nothing going on, no wind that could have explained what happened here. "In front of my eyes I could see a great imprint taking shape. the wheat was forced down in a clockwise direction." He hears a high pitched humming noise, and the circle opens up like an oriental fan unfolding. Guess what guys, thats not wheather, thats not wind thats not a bunch of drunk guys walking around stamping on the crops. This guy witnessed it. We can put people in prison based on eye witness testimony. Thats what he saw. Lets stop talking about them and start looking at them cause thats when it gets more fun. Here you have the original types of circles you would see, and then you start to get these patterns of four and there is a little one here that originaly was called "grapeshot". These kind of patterns start showing up all the time: two circles connected by a line with this little arch, sometimes it was there, sometimes it wasnt, which in pagan symbolism is the pregnant godess the pregnant belly, here is the head and here is the arms. But of course, the circle makers couldnt be contain by showing us such a primitive diagram so they came back a couple of years ago and they did this. Oh, sorry. Here we have the godess of course in a geometric form but its very clearly obvious, thats what we are seeing again, this is the rebirth of the earth coming into being. You see three godess formations in this from 1990 this was Alton Barnes, 1990. It made onto the cover to a Led Zeppelin CD boxset set actually. Thats a much nicer version of the photograph too before everybody tampered down like you see in this one. All of these footsteps messing it up here, that-s not there. Well this one is one of the greatst ones in terms of the impact that it had. Richard Hoagland is really the one to make it the most popular, it shows, basically we think that it shows first dimension, second dimension, third dimension and then forth in the middle, the geometry. These lines are perfectly equated with a tetrahedron inside a sphere. This is a situation where a bunch of people were sitting around studying crop circles, and they said, "Oh, well. Wouldnt it be great if they did a Mendelsohn set, this fractal." the very next day it shows on the crop, so somebody is listening. Truck driver drives by this part of the field, he doesnt see anything there, fifteen minutes later the farmer is going out there and he sees this thing in his crops, it wasnt there fifteen minutes earlier, showed up in fifteen minutes in 1996. Surveyors were asked how long it would take to do this if you plotted it all on the ground, they said, minimum two to three days and that would be if you worded all day and al night. Its a beautiful formation, fifteen minutes. This ones even more outrageous in 96, cause now you get three ofem rather than just one, and they form this interesting cascade of equateral triangles when you look at it from the top down. Now here is another fractal, and of course, the science skeptics start saying well, this isnt really a koch snowflake, the koch snowflake is just taking the triangle, and making the inverse, innerating it, you get this thing that looks like a snowflake. The circle makers say "Oh, you dont think its a kotch snowflake. well here, you are really stupid so we are going to give you another one." We will put a snowflake on it this time so you can figure it out. People still dont get it. Now, thats obviously caused by "...drunks going around and round..." (B.A.) "There is perfectly rational scientific explanation, a bunch of drunk gentlemen coming back from the pub one night with long boards on their feet, a funny cap with a string and they are walking round and round temping down the crop circle, having the greatest time of their lives, making absolutely geometrically precise formations in record time over one night." I dont think thats what happened. And this is the kind of stuff they were doing one thousand two hundred years ago causing Agobard to prohibit the pagans from taking these things out for fertility rituals of the crops from these circles. This is what they are doing now, its the same technology. Thats my favorite one yet. Never seen one that makes me happier than tha one. Look at the precision, there isnt a single part of this thats geometrically out of alignment. Nobody on the ground could have done that in the one night that it showed up in. Its just too complex. Well, there is a message in there. Genetic changes in evolution. Look at this, this is chromosomes breaking, from 1991. When the chrosomes brake that means the cell is about to divide. Thats what it is showing you, so there is some sort of evolution happening. You look in 1996, you see a very clear illustration of DNA, you see the double helix there. Can everybody see that? I also want you to pay attention to this shape right here. I want you to look at that shape and memorize that little part. We are going to get back into that in a minute. This is the same kind of sign way you see here but its in a geometric pattern. Thats 99, now look at what happens less than a month later. Exactly the same formation but now its got even more strands, so its saying "Something is going to be happening to DNA, thats a suggestion, thats one suggestion, there are others. Here is one that again is showing you DNA but its in a perfect circle, a perfect ring. One can obviously see the double helix and the ladders connecting the two sides together. Its beautiful. But this is the one that really gets me off. You have the galaxy in the center, the Milky Way galaxy, then you have these waves of DNA, You have this pattern being flagged, look at that, there is your double helix, (can) everybody see that? And this is being pumped out by the galaxy, but look at this. In the Hebrew mystical tradition, thats a special shape called the "Yod" which refers to divine light coming down into manifestation on the earth, and I dont have it in this particular slideshow, but if you look at tower card in the tarot, there is all these "Yods" around the tower thats being struck by lighting, that represents divine manifestation. So this is atually a further message sayin that this DNA..

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David Wilcock en la conferencia "Awake and Aware"

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