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Nipsey Hussle: The Making of Hip Hop's Next Superstar

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I Hussle til the block done til the mothafuckin' cops come and shoot til the shots done I'm servin' red rum from the shotgun I'm bartending red rum from the shotgun the dope potent hit ya nose make ya snot run certified pimp I can probably knock the top nun Hyde Park is a culturally rich neighborhood in the heart of Los Angeles But for years residents there have had to live with the fear of gang violence everyday My nigga this ain't a image we promoting, none of that. I'm not promoting gangbanging in no shape, form or fashion. Don't get it twisted nigga... understand this...all I'm doing is shedding light on whats going on We have a major problem but the way we're working to solve the problem is just not the police. There is not a police solution to this problem SIXTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had been chasing this music from day one. I been writing raps longer than I been doing anything...gangbangin, grindin', hustlin'... I been writing raps longer than I been doing anything, feel me? Where we at now considered the enemies...this is Blood neighborhood all these houses, this park...this the VNG, Van Ness Gangstas You start gangbanging you gonna be involved in whether its robbing, killing, you know what I'm saying...selling dope Let me get $10 bro! For what? To get some dope? Yeah, I'm bout to grind up Thought you don't sell dope no more I lie sometimes What you about to get? A 8-Ball? A seven? A gram? Come on cuz, you stupid? What you about to buy a gram cuz? Cuz, I'm about to get turned up one time When I first started bangin' the hood, pressing the turf...I fell completely back from music cuz I was like, I'm not saying I gave up, but I put it on the shelf Like man, shit ain't getting me no money. I'm out here, you feel me? Gradually worked my work back towards it cuz I seen what was happening out here You know I seen all my day one niggas My everyday niggas gettin' football numbers, gettin' washed up Going to jail forever for shit we got away with last week With me it wasn't even like I wanted to get out It was just like I need some loot my nigga...I gotta eat Nigga, its about money it ain't about getting out It's just about loot, my nigga having paper At the end of the day...know what I'm saying If you broke you don't have shit going Homie, I knew I was talented, I knew I was good, I knew I had the gift of gab I knew I could speak...I could hold a motherfucker attention I had a little flow and I had a perspective. I had alot to say cuz I'm out here If it didn't happen to me it was happening to my niggas And I felt like, niggas acting like its cool, like its alright What's going on in L.A. right now is crazy So, like nobody really speaking on it ...DEAD, niggas got x'ed out, it's chess now two to your head in front of your ex house is just how, did these streets rappers the lick now Look, stand up niggas don't ever sit down, spit rounds "Idle time is the Devil's workshop..." you feel me? Yeah, I'm from Sixties, Los Angeles California...the West Side Crenshaw district, Slauson and Crenshaw Know what I'm saying, I grew up on 59th and 5th Ave I grew up on 60th and Al Viso on 10th Ave and 60th Neighborhood Nip Hussle, I'm giving yall the walk through on the turf We right here on 10th Ave Dime block, this 60th right here You heard about it in the songs "10th Ave/Brynhurst, squabble if you get mad" This the block right here, ya feel me? I ain't really lived no where else but in the 60's since day one '85 I was...since 1985 Lot of niggas got beat up, stomped out, fucked over in the back of these buildings, all the way down to Hyde Park This 60th right here This where the enemies ain't gonna come they not gonna want no funk on this block you feel me? But other than that... This my grand daddy old building down here, I'm about to take yall on a walk real quick I was in love with rap/Hip Hop since day one,since I was like 7,8...since I first heard Kriss Kross and all that shit

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Posted by: pmoor on Jan 4, 2009

Take a ride with Nipsey Hussle's through one of L.A.'s most notorious neighborhoods, home to the Rolling 60's Crips. Gain access to never before scene footage of in the inner mechanics of ganglife in L.A. and follow an emerging superstar as he balances responsibility between the block and the booth

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