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Linga Bhairavi Temple - (Tamil)

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As a temple supporting Dhyanalinga, As a powerful presence of Feminine, the creation of Linga Bhairavi happened. Linga Bhairavi means a very new form. Linga Bhairavi will be in an entirely different nature. As a graceful one, As a fierceful one, As a powerful one, As a colourful one, This God has been formed. Filled with nature and humaneness, As an aspect of motherhood, As a totality of female nature, and being illustrious of the part of the highest form of energy, Linga Bhairavi has unique nature and grace. In January 2010, this temple was consecrated by Sadhguru using highest form of energy, Devi was consecrated. In giving good health, well being, economic development, Linga Bhairavi's powerful state will be in a fierce nature. Also, people based on their needs, can offer as a different type of offerings, which includes abhaya sutra, ghee deepam, mangalya bala sutra, sarpa seva, lamp offering, hair offering, anna-dhaanam. Important moments in human life like naming ceremony, engagement, marriage, ceremony which happens at sixtieth age of husband can be celebrated in front of Devi, with Devi's grace. During every full moon, special coronation, procession of festive god, aarathi in front of Dhyanalinga, happens. People can take part in the coronation which takes place for Devi, daily, three times and 11 types of offerings and get benefited. While Dhyanalinga helps in spiritual development of human beings, Linga Bhairavi will support in wellbeing and economic development of human life.

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 21, 2010 The Linga Bhairavi Temple at Isha Foundation.

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