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Blind Guide Navigation System

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Are you visually impaired or know someone who is? If so, then we have important information for you. Introducing Blind Guide, a new beginning. Blind Guide is a fully integrated system utilizing electronic tags and position modules which are interpreted via computer software. The electronic tags are placed throughout your home to identify walkways, rooms and objects. The modules are attached to your shoes. The modules detect the electronic tags and send a signal to your personal computer Your personal computer decodes the location of the tags and sends a signal to the controller which gives you an audible signal in the form of a tone or spoken words through an earpiece. Although you currently may be able to navigate your home by memory or counting steps Blind Guide will give you an enhanced ability never before available to the visually impaired. With the Blind Guide System you are able to map out your entire property to create virtual pathways or exercise patterns, in any location of your home or yard. The locations are interchangeable and reachable on demand so you can navigate your home and yard with complete confidence and safety. The virtual mapping is done using our comprehensive software on your personal computer. Imagine being able to create numbered locations thoughout your home or multiple locations in each room. For example: your front door is location one, your kitchen is location two, and within the kitchen you could have mapped sub-locations such as the stove, refrigerator, or sink. You simply assign a location code for every area in your home. If you wish to navigate from your living room to your kitchen you simply enter the location code to where you desire to go. Blind Guide will create a virtual pathway for you to follow. So long as you are following the virtual pathway, a pleasant tone will indicate that you are on the correct path. As you travel on your pathway, you may pass objects or rooms. Blind Guide will verbally announce the objects or rooms status or mode they are in, as well as the direction you are facing. Blind Guide is then able to re-calculate from your current position to your next. Additionally, you can be told your exact location at any time simply by pressing the "Where am I" button. Example: While walking down the hall from the living room to the kitchen you pass a bedroom on the right and an open hall door. As you are walking, you will hear "Doorway is open" as you pass the bedroom, you would hear "Bedroom one is on the right" When you arrive at the kitchen, you will be informed "You are facing the sink" Virtually every location and object in your home can be tagged and mapped. The options available are unlimited. Additionally, you can place a module on objects in and around your home to let you know their location. For instance, If you would like to know when Joe's car is in the garage the system will inform you "Joe's car is in garage" or if you would like to be informed if Joe's car is arriving You will hear "Joe's car is entering garage" You can even place a module on your pet or child to locate them anywhere on your property. Caregivers or visitors can be given a module to wear so you know where they are at all times. Blind Guide can be set-up throughout your property enabling you to create virtual pathways outside of your home. You will be able to map your backyard so you can safely get out to exercise. Imagine being able to go anywhere on your property without worry of tripping or getting lost. Blind Guide can be used almost anywhere. Even in your place of employment. The Blind Guide System can help guide you into your building and once in the building, help you navigate to your workspace and other areas of the workplace. Not only is Blind Guide a personal navigation system, it is a complete home management and security system. Blind Guide will tell you what the outside temperature is and if it is bright, overcast, or raining. The system can inform you when someone is at your front door, require them to identify themselves, and allow you remote access to open the door. With the remote options, you may answer your door from the convenience of your sofa. Other available options are remote controls and room temperature control. Remote controls are available for many common items such opening and closing doors, windows and drapes. Blind Guide can be used as a complete security and fire alarm system. The system informs you if it detects fire or smoke. It identifies where the problem is, calls for assistance and immediately guides you out of the home through the safest route. Leak detection options for the Blind Guide Home Management System will inform you of detected leaks in your home. Including leaks from the: dishwasher, water heater, or washing machine. Be reminded if water is left running, and in some cases, if standing water is in your path. Prevent slips and falls. Temperature controls warn you of appliances that have been left on too long and tell you the current temperature of the refrigerator and oven. Don't sacrifice your independence. Blind Guide, a new beginning, a new way of living.

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Blind Guide is a new navigation system for the blind and visually impaired. It is designed to pinpoint and communicate your physical location, object location and mode using sound to help you navigate throughout your home, office or yard. Blind Guide has additional safety and status identifying features to give you piece of mind. Imagine having an entire home management, security, and navigation system in one.

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