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Hello everybody, I'm at Flag The time is about 11 in the evening I'm sitting here in my Hotel with fantastic pool behind me recording as well this message because actually it's me recording an invitation to all of you you know?... now I am doing Super Power I'm going on with Super Power, I'm doing the Perceptic Rundown It is missing 6-7 of them so, my life has dramatically changed one of the things that has happened is the amount of affinity and admiration that I feel for all the people that I some way have been in contact with in the past and it is quite some people and some of you are my personal friends and some of you have been in IAS event or that I have personally spoken to, to make a IAS donation or other kind of events that I have held in the Org you know, or just that fact that you are Scientologists that in itself has given me a kind of connection so, I am coming home I expect to come on Tuesday and I will have a lot of things to do I had actually wished that I would have the time to go around and visit all of you and talk to you and connect to you again in my new incredible condition but I know that when I am arriving home I will have quite a busy time because I have planned to step in as ED for Malmo Ideal Foundation Org and I will then work quite a lot on completing my project prepare which I expect will take around 2-3 weeks maximum and then I will route into the Org and I will most likely go to Los Angeles in a extreme near future end therefore I see this event as a possibility for me to have communication with all of you and tell my experiences and my wins from what I got out of doing Super Power and you know, Purif, Objectives and when I am done with Super Power I will do L11 also and it would have been very nice

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