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A young couple who recently got married... ...decided to drive up north for their honeymoon. They had a long drive and passed through forests and fields. As they were driving, they had a guide book for reference... ...which listed local deaf businesses. The book showed that there were a lot of places on the way to stop... they decided they were good to keep on driving. Eventually, the couple found themselves exhausted from driving so much in the heavy rain. They decided it was time to call it quits and find a place to sleep. They looked in their guide book where they found... ...a bed and breakfast that was close to where they were at. They drove up to the house which appeared nice from the outside. They walked up to the front door and knocked, but after... one answered the door, they looked at each other puzzled. "Do you think something is wrong?" one of them asked. "No," the other replied, when they suddenly realized. "Oh, duh, that's right! You're supposed to... "...push the doorbell to make the lights flash. That's why!" Of course, the doorbell worked... ...and an old man came out to open the door. He cautiously stood behind the door and asked, "Are you two deaf?" They happily replied, "Yes! We're deaf." "We read about your place in our travel guide..." "...and are looking for a place to sleep." The old man replied, "Yes, of course. Come on in!" "It's been years since I've seen anyone." "I've been alone all this time. Please, come inside!" "Are you newlyweds?" The couple replied, "Yes, we just got married yesterday." The old man was thrilled, inviting them in again once more... ...before asking, "Are you two hungry?" The couple replied, "No, we're not hungry." "We are tired though and would like to get some sleep." The old man said, "Of course! Your room is upstairs to the right." The couple said, "Okay, that sounds good." The old man offered to carry their luggage up the stairs for them... ...but the couple refused. "You relax," they said. "Oh no, it's not any trouble at all," said the old man. "I'm a strong man." The couple gave in and agreed to letting him carry their luggage up. After getting settled, they slept all night. In the morning, the old man wasn't there to greet them. He did, however, leave out some breakfast for the couple to eat and a tray to leave their money. The couple went down to eat the breakfast... ...and were impressed by the hospitality of the old man. "Speaking of," they said, "where is the old man? I don't see him anywhere." Eventually they gave up and continued eating. After a while, one of them turned to the other and said, "I feel bad for the old man." "He's poor and his house needs to be remodelled." "I think it'll be nice if we were to leave him a good tip. You know, to help him out." The other one agreed and put some money out on the table for the old man. They looked at their extra tip, considering whether to actually leave it, but put it down anyway. The couple got their stuff together and left. As they were driving away, they took one last look at the house and admired its beauty. They drove for a little while before deciding to stop somewhere for lunch. After ordering some coffee, they started talking to each other about their overnight experience at the house. "It's was strange little place, but it was a really interesting experience," they said. "I can't get it out of my mind, I don't know why. The old man was just so nice." A deaf waiter, assuming the couple were hearing, came up to them and mouthed, "May I help you?" The couple asked the waiter, "Are you deaf?" "Yes," the waiter said. "Are you deaf?" "Yes!" the couple said. "What's the special occasion?" asked the waiter. The couple replied, "We just got married two days ago. We stopped at a house nearby for our honeymoon... ... owned by a nice old man named John. It was such a nice house." The waiter looked puzzled. "Where?" the waiter asked. The couple replied, "The house on street 396-ish. That general area." "It's a green house with white trim. The door was..." they stopped to remember. "White, I think." They said hesitantly. "Yeah, and it had a doorbell replaced with flashing lights." "That house. Oh boy, old man John was such a nice person." The waiter looked at them strangely and said, "You mean the green house with white trim, a red door, and a doorbell? That house?" "Yes," replied the couple. "Right." "You must be mistaken," said the waiter. "That house burned down twenty-five years ago. No one lives there anymore." The couple looked at the waiter confused. "Yes someone does. We met the old deaf man." "Yeah." the waiter said. "He died in the fire." "Seriously?" asked the couple. "No, it can't be true. We just stayed the night there." "Are you sure?" asked the waiter. "Thank you," said the couple as they rushed out to their car. "Should we go north or go back south to investigate the house?" asked one to the other. "Maybe the waiter is right and the house did burn down in the fire, or maybe they were wrong. I don't know." The couple decided to turn around and go back south to investigate. When they got to the house, the lot was empty. There was nothing there except a single table in the middle of the lot with the money tray still there. There was a written note left from the old man that said, "Thank you for visiting me."

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