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Rumi Nagashima - Tokyo, Japan - Japanese (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~23:13:02 - 23:28:13

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All related entrances are closed, so... for the moment... Let me see... errr... From here, go to the Toujou Line gate... Okay. Okay. Please stand back! Your cooperation, please! - We are escorting a customer! Your cooperation, please! Excuse me, please! Kindly make way! - We are escorting a customer! Your cooperation, please! Excuse me, please! - We are escorting a customer! Your cooperation, please! Ah, yes. Coming through! Excuse me. Sorry. Thank you very much. Yes, that's right. Yes. Okay! Please make way for the lady! Please make way for the lady! Your cooperation, please! Please make way! I'll just go and check, so if you wouldn't mind waiting... - Right, okay. Oh, is that okay? Is everything okay? Yeah, it looks like they'll take you to the Toujou Line... - So, from here they'll... That's right. Well, take care. - Sorry to trouble you. Thank you very much. At the last gate - it's called 'Central Gate 1' - from there, go inside and there's an elevator that'll go up. Would you mind waiting at that Central Gate 1 gate, please? At the Central Gate... Central Gate 1. Is it straight from here? Errr... Keep to the right, then go straight, and... the gate's here... There are gates on both sides. The one on the left... Okay... If I get lost, I'll come back here. Sorry to bother you. Excuse me. - They're going to open that shutter, so... Oh, the shutter... Yeah, they'll open it. It'll take a while though... If the escalator's working, then I don't mind... - It's not working. Sorry. Can't I use that escalator over there? Even if you did take that escalator, you'll have to go all the way around... To get to the surface, you have to go to the South Gate... I don't mind, if that's... You have to go out through the West Gate and all the way around... Where is it I have to go 'all the way around'? Go along the side of the department store inside... Do you know where the South gate is? Anyhow, the South Gate is a gate on the first floor, so if you go in through there and then go all the way around, and then go around the front... Now... Okay... When the member of staff gets here I'll ask them about it. If there's someone who wouldn't mind taking me, that would be fine... The lady says that she doesn't mind going via the West Gate escalator, if someone goes with her. That would be dangerous. - Oh, I'll be fine. If I can do it by myself then... If something were to happen, then we.... we'd both be in trouble, you see. Where is it that you're going to? I went to Asakadai. And now from Asakadai, I'm transferring via the Musashino Line to Niizama... For the time being, if I could just get to Sakadai... - Is that okay? - Yes. Hurry up! They'll be here soon, so please wait one moment. This is the elevator for the Toubu stores? That's right. We're going to use the department store's elevator. When a customer like me comes along, is this how you always deal with them? We have a new elevator, but it's closed for the day... All we can do is ask them to open the shutter and use theirs. - Oh, really? If we had one here in the first place, that would've been better, yeah. This has happened before, and when it happened where was it again...? I asked someone at a different gate how can I get to here, and they said if I went to their platform they have an elevator, so that's what I've done a few times. - Not the Toubu Line? I think so. It was like... they said, "If you come through here..." Sakura... Errr... Where was it? Where was it? Not long ago, around two... one week ago... You can take an elevator from a different place? - Yes, you can. Wait a sec. Is this the Toubu-Toujou Line...? - Yes, it is. Does the Seibu-Ikebukuro Line stop here? Huh? Have I passed that? The Seibu-Toujou Line is... if you go out here... It's the same as Ikebukuro, but it's a little further away. Ah, I think you're probably right. There was a conductor.... no, not conductor... station attendant. I said to them I needed an elevator to the Toubu-Toujou Line. How do I find it? And they said that I could use theirs if I wanted to. The people at the Soubu Line said that? - Yeah, they did. They kindly let me go through. That was a lot easier. And it's in a platform area like is. Which is better? The decisions made by the two companies... Even though you're a customer of the Toujou Line, you had to go all the way to the Seibu Line and then come back here again... That's really not very... Really? How come you're here in Ikebukuro at this time? Well, I sometimes come to Ikebukuro, but it often gets quite late... Always! You just get fed up, y'know? Like, yeah, a lot of the time if people who run the train lines did something like this, it'd help. Frequently, in Shinjuku too there are times when i think I wish they would just let me through. Then I ask them to but... Ah! It's opening! Sorry. The person who got the call said go to the platform, so I was waiting down there. Ah, right. Sorry about that. I thought, "strange they haven't come yet," so I came here. Thank you. Thank you very much. Should I carry on from here...? - We'll be going together, so... Your name's...? - It's Nakazawa. - Mr Nakazawa. Okay. Excuse me. Thank you very much. - Thank's for hanging in there. Wait just one moment, please. Right, I'll take you through. - Sorry to trouble you. - Sorry to keep you waiting. There's a slope here, so... - Oh, that's fine. - Take care, yeah? - Okay. It's a bit narrow... - Oh, okay. Are you alright? - Oh sure, I'm fine. It's a bit dark. - okay. Okay, sorry. Despite there being lots of customers at lunchtime, when you see it like this it's... and so quiet... After you. - Okay, thank you. Thank you very much. Errr... Is it the first floor...? - Yeah, it's the first floor. I'm okay, thank you. Thank you very much. Okay. Excuse me. - Okay. Ah, thank you very much. Thank you. Ah! Here! Sorry! I'm very Sorry! Huh? Over there? Sorry! - I'm so sorry about that. Errr, I can't get past... - Oh, sorry! I'm very sorry. Thank you. - Okay, go ahead. - Thank you very much.

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Posted by: globallivesjapan on Jan 28, 2010

Rumi at home.

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