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Outstanding speech of Imam Mahdi Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi 9 of 9

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If even in spite of trying, Allah-Allah does not start; then there is no blessing of Him upon you. If there were blessings upon you, then He would have included you among those who remember Him. After once Allah-Allah started; then He bestows car, big house only then these are blessings then you become an officer that is further blessing. The secret of recognizing yourself, the secret of recognizing your spiritual guide (Murshid) and the secret of recognizing Allah that how much He is merciful upon me, this is the only touchstone. One Caucasian/foreigner asked a question in Gujranwala. He said that “I am ready to become a Muslim, I will quit all the bad deeds, I'll quit alcohol too, I will also offer prayers, and even I'll offer the Tahajjad (midnight) prayer, I will keep fast as well, I need the guarantee for one thing”. Asked what (guarantee) do need? He replied “Your scholars say that even then it is not known whether you are hellbound or paradisal”. He said I leave my religion and enter into theirs and they say we our-self don't know whether we will go into hell or paradise so how can we you the guarantee. They are not giving guarantee for themselves. He said that “the firm which produces weak products does not gives guarantee, your religion Islam is weak". And we say that the religion Islam is a guarantee indeed. Not in years, not in months, in days it will be known that 'who you are?' If Allah-Allah gets started within you than it is indeed guarantee. Whoever contains even tiny proportion of Light/noor will never go into Hell. For that take the permission of zikr (heart Meditation) and try your luck. Should I say something more if you want. Presently there are 72 sects. There were no sects in the period of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]. There was ummati (follower) or Hypocrites and (expelled) Khawarij. These were the two only. Who were Khawarj (expelled)? They used to say that we will perform all the prayers, we will also roll the rosary, we will do the recitation as well and we will do all acts but we will not quit doing the business of interest/usury. They were (Khawarj) expelled. Holy Prophet [PBUH] expelled them though they consider themselves Muslim ummati (follower). But they have been expelled. Others were the Hypocrites. Those (expelled) Khawarij are present even today, they are present in this world and they are in great number. Second were Hypocrites. Hypocrites used to say that only the Quran has been revealed upon Him [PBUH] means only a book is revealed upon Him [PBUH], so what is the difference between Him [PBUH] and us? He [PBUH] also eat and drink, He [PBUH] did marriages. He [PBUH] was a postman between Allah and us. Such people are also available (in this world). Neither the worship of (expelled) Khawarij is accepted nor is the worship of Hypocrite accepted. Now the ummati (follower) left behind isn't it? Now those who are left behind regarding them Prophet Muhammad has said that "liar is not my Ummati (follower)". Now you do the things bigger than lying, don’t you? Now how do you know that either you are expelled or not, either you are in (Ummah) nation or not? There is no proof/evidence, isn't it? There must be proof/evidence, isn't it? Thereafter a person should move his vehicle. If a hypocrite comes to know that his prayer is not accepted then why will he pray/Salat why will he offer his prayer if it is known that it is not accepted? Those who were Ummati (followers), the heritage of light/noor which was in their destiny Allah has send in this world. So you may take your share without any condition. There are always some methods for taking. Somewhere you have to queue up in the line and somewhere you have to buy a ticket or somewhere you to take note written upon a piece of paper so these are few methods. So according to the method I have told take your share. If you able to receive that light/noor, Allah Allah start within you then you are a follower (Ummati). Dear! Sign of a follower “the one who have light/Noor within him”. Then you are indeed a follower (Ummati). Until it was not known was not known but now you have come to know. Now the medicine has also been given to you. Still if the medicine does not effects then it (that person) is nothing. After coming of the heritage yet if Allah Allah does not start within you, you are not able to obtain the light/Noor. Then either you are Hypocrite or an expelled (Khawarj) and this you have to acknowledge. Then all these sects are either hypocrite or expelled; none is a real (Ummati) follower. And once you will become an (Ummati) follower than all these sects will come to an end. Since all become (Ummati) followers thus all become light-bearer (noori). Just like there are magnetic mountains in the West and the compass (Kutab Nama) is kept here. Bring it (compass) to any city no matter if you move it forward or backward its direction will be towards the West since it is related towards that side. Once the light/Noor will come into your heart then no matter you are Deobandi or Marzai or a Wahhabi your direction will be towards Allah. Once your direction will be towards Allah then wherever is Allah you will be there. For this take the permission of Dhikr (heart Meditation) and test your luck. I think people who wish to take the permission of zikr (heart Meditation) are great in numbers and it will take long time. Now we don’t urge you take zikr (heart Meditation), if your heart accepts! If your heart accepts it, then confess Allah Hu thrice along with my tongue and he will have the permission of Dhikr. The one who does not want to take Dhikr he better keep quite. Those who are dumb here will be dumb in hereafter. So say Allah Hu Allah Hu Allah Hu. Allah Hu Allah Hu Allah Hu

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Posted by: theallfaith on Apr 25, 2010 His Holiness Sayyedna Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi delivering speech to public in Wah Cantt. Please listen to this speech carefully and repeatedly, it will open it's secrets upon you.

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