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The Hidden Story Of Jesus part 4/7

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Jerusalem, a city holy to Jews, Christians and Muslins. 2000 years ago, a massive temple dominated the city. The focal point of Jewish worship. And today its remaining walls are still a sacred place for all Jews. Every week hundreds of young Jewish boys celebrate their comming of age here, with their Bat Mitzvahs. Although today Jesus is known as the founder of Christianity, he was of course a Jew. The Bible tells us that on his 12th birthday he came here to Jerusalem to the great Jewish Temple to his Bar Mitzvah, his ritual comming of age. For the last 2000 years Christianity and Judaism have been at a war over Jesus. Why? Because of what some consider to be Christianity's greatest ever lie: That the Jews were responsable for the death of Jesus on the cross. This simple untruth lay the foundations for centuries of brutal and bloody antisemitism, ending with the Nazi-led holocaust of the Second World War. So it should be of no surprise that many Jews still consider Jesus a symbol of opression and suffering. Robert, welcome to the show! Thank you. It's a pleasure to be with you. Rabbi Tovia Singer is an orthodox Jew born in New York who posts a weekly show on his rally national radio in which he takes on Christian fundamentalists about their faith and in particular their belief in Jesus as the Messiah. I'm an orthodox Jew, I don't believe in Jesus. Is there any other figure in history that's come to represent our pain? How many millions of Jews have died because of this? You are a Christian, a devout Christian who devote your life to study this and... In terms of Judaism for me, I can't be Christian without taking Judaism seriously. When I read the teaching of Jesus, the life of Jesus, I read Jesus in the light of the Hebrew scriptures. For me as a Christian, Judaism is an integral part of reading and understanding who Jesus was and who Jesus is. If all Christians of the past 2000 years thought the way you do, there would be millions of more Jews in the world, this would be a very different kind of world. Most Jews have no issue with Jesus. He just has no place in their lives. But some orthodox Jews, like Rabbi Singer Jesus was responsible for a new religion that tried to undermine and destroy their faith by converting them to Christianity. For them, Jesus is not a savior but a symbol of oppression. In the ancient Jewish books that make up the Talmud there's a completely different narrative to Jesus' life. Instead of being the son of god, he's described as the son of Mary, born out of wedlock. Instead of a wise and charismatic teacher who performed miracles, he's seen as a fraudulent magician. Instead of the leader of a new religious movement, he's a dangerous heretic. You know we have a little problem just understanding who really was Jesus. And is that Jesus wrote nothing but a line in the sand in the book of John. See the problem for the jewish people and any non christian, is how do we know what a person, who wrote nothing, how do we know what who is really like? So Jesus was a heretic... The Bible tells us in the book of deuteronomy, chapter 13 particularly, That a false prophet has to be rejected. As a Christian I was told that Jesus was the son of god, the messiah, from your perspective, is that a false teaching? Depends what you mean by the son of god. So for you, Jesus could not be part of the god head. Even worse so no one could, there is no god head. But there are some Jews who do believe in Jesus. One group, known as Jews for Jesus, has been operating in Israel for the last 12 years. Every week they hand out leaflets on the streets of Tel Aviv trying to convince their fellow israelits that Jesus is the messiah. The leader is Dan Sered. This track says here (...) Yeshua (Jesus) saved me. Jews for Jesus claim, the hebrew word commonly used to describe Jesus (Yeshu) is a ancient curse. This name, this acroname that they gave him is actually a curse And it means may his name and memory be blooded out. But that's not his real name, his real name is Yeshua. Yeshua is a hebrew word which means salvation. And that's what we're doing, we're trying to tell people that Yeshua (Jesus) is salvation. How do you descrive yourself then? Because if you are in Birmingham England, where I come from, and you said to people that you follow Jesus, they would say you're Christian! But here... First of all I say that I'm 100% Jewish and 100% Christian, those two things do not contradict. How I define myself? I'm a Jew for Jesus. Jews for Jesus say they are fulfilling Jesus' original mission: to persuade other Jews that he is the messiah. Out of the israeli population of 6 million they claim a membership of just 3 thousand. Under israeli law they are forbidden of any incentives to entice new converts. And they face huge opposition from orthodox Jews. Rabbi Singer run an organization that was set up to combat any attempt to convert Jews to other faiths. They're seeking to destroy our faith. That means that this is a direct assault on judaism. You know what they're saying? They're saying that Judaism is a false defected faith from which you need to be saved. Rabbi Singer believes Dan Sered and his colleagues are just Christians posing as Jews. So they can infiltrate jewish comunities and make new converts to Jesus. I think there's a lot of ignorance. If you wanna believe him, believe in him! if you wanna refuse, refuse! you know, We're not forcing you to do anything! You know, the choice is yours! They actually blur the distinctions between Judaism and Christianity. And want to lure Jews who otherwise resist a straightforwad Christian message. I would respond that Jesus again gave people freedom, So if you're a Jewish person and you come to faith in Jesus and you still wanna keep the Shabbat and put a yarmulke on and do all those things You can do it, once you believe in him the rest really doesn't matters. It's a knife in our hearts, it's a knife in my heart as a Jew as a teacher as a Rabbi. The crusaders that came into this city in 1099 What did they have painted on their shields? Crosses! That's exactly right! That image meant destruction, every Jew in this city, July 15th, Hurted into the Sinai garden, doors were locked, John 15-6 read aloud! Those who do not accept will be burnt They proclaimed that: "We do this to honour Christ!" I was told about another group of Jews whose belief in Jesus has brought to meant a violent conflict with their orthodox jewish neighbors. They're not very happy! They're not very happy, they were quite cursed at that day. Was it dangerous to film? The person feel a... The person was myself! Did you feel worried filming it? It's... my hands were a little bit shaking! Yakim Figueras is an israeli Christian, a pastor of the congregation. His wife Debbie is from a Jewish background. They are comparing us to Hitler and the Nazis... Whenever they try to hold a religious meeting, groups of orthodox Jews often try to disrupt them, sometimes violently. They're just throwing something at the house? Yeah though the... How long this has been going on? how long do you have this kind of hostility? For four years, maybe more! The police is almost never there, and they feel free to come to our house. It's more or less a usual stuff, it happens here every weak. Jesus was a Jew, and he wanted other Jews to follow him, and what he believed about god, is what do you see yourself doing? Yeah, I'm a Jew and I tell other jewish people that Jesus is the way, as much as I can, I don't force it down their throat, and I don't force anybody to listen to me. Converting Jews was at the heart of Christian history, do you see yourself, that is, been part of that history of needing to convert Jews to make them see that Jesus is the messiah? At the word convertion I feel a little bit uneasy with. But I'm not trying to make Jews non Jews, he himself says about himself "I'm a Jew!" So we're not trying to convert any Jew, we're trying to show every human being to show them the light of Jesus, of the messiah. And to Jews, even more so, as the light of their own messiah! He will come, the day will come, we read it in the prophets, That the jewish nation will have a personal intimate encounter with the messiah! We're just there to tell, whoever wants to hear, that Jesus is the messiah that they're waiting for, that Jesus, the jewish messiah, is the messiah. While I was talking to Debbie and Yakin we heard voices outside, the orthodox Jewish neighbors had arrived, so I went to investigate! Good evening, good evening! I come from England, speak english? They refuse to talk to me. And then this ready police turned up. Debbie Figueras also came out and try to reason with them. Obvious this is quite enerving, you've got a protest taking place and the police has just arrived. What he says to me is that Jesus still matters today in Israel. He's still a person of contention. If you're a Jew who follows Jesus, it's not that simple. You may end up having a protest outside your home and antagonizing Jews who still see Jesus and Christianity as a symbol of opression and suffering. Are you worried that things might escalate to that somebody may to be hurt? Yes, yes. Right now no one, Thank god, was fisically hurt but it takes only one more zealous person to take the rabbinical saying What the rabbi saying and take it to his interpretation and yeah, do something worse. They told us already when we go into our work: "will kill you like we killed your Jesus" Yeah, that was something that they were shouting here with loudspeakers in one of their demonstrations. Witch is a crazy thing to say given the basis of antisemitism has been that untruth, that Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus. They're actually apropriating, taking on that untruth and using it to persecute you Yes, crazy, absolutely crazy. Absolutely crazy. I mean, it could be almost 2000 years ago where the early Christians had been thrown out the Sinai Garden been arrested by people because they're proclaim that Jesus is the messiah. So, they're just repeating themselves, but instead it's here on camera! Yes, and it's Israel 2007, a democratic state! In the next part we investigate the extraordinary claim that Jesus might have actually travelled to India, and it is even said to be buried there. And how a fifth of the world's population believe Jesus was not a Jew or a Christian, but a Muslim.

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Aired: December 25, 2007 on Channel 4 Duration: 1:40:53 Info: Theologian Dr Robert Beckford investigates amazing parallels to the Christ story in other faiths, some of them predating Christianity by thousands of years. The Hindu god, Krishna, was conceived by a virgin and his birth was attended by angels, wise men and shepherds. Buddha was also the result of a miraculous birth and visited by wise men bearing gifts. Beckford attempts to unravel the mystery of why there are so many versions of the Christ story across the world and asks which is the real one.

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