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Mars Needs Moms (2011)

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(mom) You didn't eat your broccoli. [boy scoffs] No broccoli, no TV. [meow, purr] [retching] Milo! Is that broccoli? No, that's vomit, but I understand the confusion. I told you to eat that! You're not going to make me eat it now, are you? It wasn't a good thing to say. I'm gonna go tell her I'm sorry. Mom? [gasps] Let her go! [blast] Wait! Let me go! I'm in a spaceship! [speech slurred] This is so cool! [ventilator-type breathing] I'm just messing with you! [laughs] Welcome to Mars. My name is Gribble, This is Tukay. What's your handle? I'm Milo. How 'bout if I call you My Bro? Check it! (mom) What is going on? (Gribble) The fact is, Mars needs moms. So the aliens are stealing 'em from Earth to raise their own kids. [zapping] (Gribble) Who knew mothering was so hard? You're going to have so much fun here. [boy laughing] You and me, bro. Playing video games all day. [slurp] Oh, disgusting. [shattering] (Milo) I'm just trying to find my mom! (aliens) Huh? (Milo) She's the one that feeds me. She vacuums the house? (aliens) Ooh. Oh, come on. Pretty sure this is going to work? (Gribble) That disguise totally rocks, trust me. [alarm] (Gribble) Don't worry, buddy. I gotcha. I pushed the wrong one. Oh my gosh! Whoa! Mellow out, man! I'm not busting you. (Gribble) What? She talks kinda funny, but I think she's trying to help us. (Gribble) Awesome! How do we get past all those Martians? (Gribble) Duh. Fire the butt-blasters! Ah, this thing is goin' on my Christmas list. (narrator) Mars needs Moms (Gribble, yelling) When you are going to shoot a laser at someone, you should bring them a change of underwear. [watery thud] (Tukay) Ewww. [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Nov 25, 2010

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