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Muttu Kumar - Hampi, India - Kannada (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~08:11:34 - 08:26:03

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To here... And they are made by a single piece of stone. And Musalmans they've been cut the hands. In Hampi lot of temple like this with decoration by Musalman kings. There is two towers, one in front, one in back. So we continue like this. These are... you can see on the wall, these are old language... Sanskrit. -This is Sanskrit? -I think so. But when, in the olden days they read by this way, and now they read by like this way. So we can't read also. Even I don't read. -Same way? -They used to read in the same way. Only, they used to read the letters in a different style. - That is, Musalmans read it like this. -Musalmans right? Muslims, they read this direction. -Right to left - The writings all same...No, the writing is different, the reading is same So -What uncle? -... -Mantapa?...These are only there right. We have to show these to them right? If you come you'll make sure to show them. Bus is going to come in a bit. Some bus, then itself ... I'm keeping a part-time...some half an half later. 420 jobs. -No. Where to go for a bath...up it's the toll gate - Go inside... (?) Yes, that. They've told me, they've told me everything. On the eighth it's the last date.. Here, it must be here. It's here. -Here. See on the wall there is a Kamasutra carvings also. -Oh yes. And there one. Made by a piece of the stone. They made carvings. That's the Vishnu. That's Vishnu. This one is Kamasutra. Where else is it there? One here also. Horse. And there is a Ganesh, there. In the pillar. Sad, their hiding and running. -I wanted to get up at 3 0'clock itself. Three.Yes. They're torturing... They're trying to kill me no? Let it go, I thought. How many metres is it from here to there? This is the market. Suli Bazaar. Red light area. It was fall down also. The archaeological, they rebuilt. And on the left side of the market, there is one of the tank is there. And the old name market it's called Koti Jaam, and in Indian culture now, probably they call Suli Bazaar now. In English it means Red light area. One of the big market.From here to you see the people there. Until end of there. So we are going like this, and we see the tank, and we are going next to that area. That night he made a call.. they were upstairs... and then he said... Guarantee sign you need no? If in the future, something happens to my life... if I give a copy, I can put it to jail and I can call. -That's why I agreed. -What "put it to jail"? Now, if some future problems happens to me... 'Papugai',Right. In French it's right no? In Italian it's 'Papugai' -Nice - Mast, he's snapped...(?) It's very pretty, oh oo la la... You take very good photos Satya: Thank you Muttu: Thank you very much Wood, they call it wooden chariot, right? You? Haven't you eaten anything? Did they tell you to wait after coming there?...Ayyo... Where? To tourism office? He'll come. That only, we'll go like this. Has it been about 20 years after this was discovered? Where is Vittal temple, uncle? -We have to do that in the evening it seems. - 4 o'clock in the evening? -Yes... Evening. As soon as it finishes, evening. Raghunath temple? We'll go there for a while. This is temple tank. In Indian language it's called Pushkarni, in English it's called Temple Tank. So here, by the round there is water. So from the boat they make decoration with flower.and they make round... like (?) chariot, they make round for festival, pilgrim, ladies. And for the moment there is no water, and it was covered also. And from the archaeological they made excavation also. And this, from this place the water will fall. This direction... here. And This was all... this, this pillar was outside here and the archaeological, they made excavation and after they fixed this pillar. And there from the canal...yeah, through this way and goes outside. See hole's there? Holes. The hole is here which goes outside. When it's raining season, little bit water here... June, July, August, it's going to be rainy water. So we go...Okay. Ah, honeybee is there. You can see, there is...honeybee. They didn't build the top cover. They didn't find more pillars. Just they fixed the pillars to... -This they find in the ground? - Yeah, it was in the mud, some pillars was inside this tank also. And this mud also it's new mud. Archaeological, they mad a lot of excavations, the muds. This temple, built at 15th century no? This all work... Smells flower, frangipani...Frangipani. Yeah, the flower name.

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Duration: 14 minutes and 28 seconds
Country: India
Language: English
Producer: Srikumar Venkatraman
Director: Rahul V. Chittella
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Posted by: globallivesindia on May 30, 2009

Muttu continues to take Satya through the ruins in Hampi, as he explains the history. Satya continues to capture these on his camera, regularly.

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