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About Tata Trusts

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TATA TRUSTS 1892 J.N. TATA ENDOWMENT Established by Jamsetji Tata, founder of the Tata group 1919 SIR RATAN TATA TRUST Established in accordance to the will of Sir Ratan Tata 1932 SIR DORABJI TATA TRUST Established by Sir Dorabji Tata to support various philanthropic causes 1944 J.R.D. TATA TRUST Founded by Mr. J.R.D. Tata, addressing overall development issues 1974 JAMSETJI TATA TRUST, NAVAJBAI TATA TRUST Founded in memory of Jamsetji Tata, Founded in memory of Lady Navajbai, the wife of Sir Ratan Tata 2008 TATA EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT TRUST Established by Mr. Ratan N. Tata 1892 J.N. TATA ENDOWMENT, 1919 SIR RATAN TATA TRUST, 1932 SIR DORABJI TATA TRUST 1944 J.R.D. TATA TRUST, 1974 JAMSETJI TATA TRUST, NAVAJBAI RATAN TATA TRUST, 2007 TATA EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT TRUST GUIDING VISION ...what advances a nation or a community is not so much to prop up its weakest and most helpless members, but to lift up the best and the most gifted, so as to make them of the greatest service to the country. -Jamsetji Tata HEALTH NUTRITION, Primary Healthcare, Maternal & Child Nutrition, HEALTH, HEALTH SYSTEM STRENGTHENING, Fortified Food, Diagnostics COMMUNICABLE DISEASE, NON COMMUNICABLE DISEASE, Hepatitis, Cancer, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Mental Health WATER Safe Drinking Water, Purification, WATER, TATA WATER MISSION WATER HARVESTING & CONSERVATION, Diversion Based Irrigation, Farm Ponds ENERGY RURAL ELECTRIFICATION, Solar Power & Storage, ENERGY, SOLAR POWERED SOLUTIONS, Solar Pumps RURAL UPLIFTMENT SUSTAINABLE LIVELIHOODS, Affordable Finance, RURAL UPLIFTMENT, FINANCIAL INCLUSION Farming Practices, AGRICULTURAL ENHANCEMENT, Creating Agri Experts EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION, KHANACADEMY, ITE, EDUCATION, Integrated approach to Technology in Education SKILLS & ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT, Eco-system Development, Teacher Education, SPORTS, Tribal & Malaria Education URBAN POVERTY ALLEVIATION MIGRATION, URBAN POVERTY ALLEVIATION, AFFORDABLE HOUSING INNOVATION DATA DRIVEN GOVERNANCE, RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT through Institutions, INCUBATION & ACCELERATION, INNOVATION, CIVIL SOCIETY STRENGTHENING CIVIL SOCIETY STRENGTHENING, CRIMINAL JUSTICE INITIATIVES, INSTITUTIONAL STRENGTHENING, MISSION GARIMA, CIVIL SOCIETY ECOSYSTEM STRENGTHENING INSTITUTIONS MIT Tata Center, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, INSTITUTIONS, Tata Center for Development MEDIA ARTS AND CULTURE CRAFTS, MEDIA ARTS AND CULTURE, Conservation Training, Performing Arts RELIEF AND REHABILITATION MEDICAL RELIEF, RELIEF AND REHABILITATION, Safe Drinking Water & Food INDIVIDUAL GRANTS Education, INDIVIDUAL GRANTS, Medical MAKING A SUSTAINABLE DIFFERENCE TATA TRUSTS

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About Tata Trusts

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