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this is a extremely important, if you want to grow if you want to know it is extremely important you come to this simple understanding what I know by experience I know what i do not know I do not know I do not know is a tremendous possibility if you destroy I do not know you destroy all possibilities of knowing I know any number of techers around you are going about, feeding you philosophies and explanations for everything that is not in your experience people have been talking about gods and heavens and this and that with confidence and authority have they seen? are they talking about something they have seen? no no my father told me who told your father his father told him isn't it who told him? his father i can go on asking this question today you see something with your own eyes that happened in Chennai you go and tell your neighbour I saw this happening your neighbour went and told somebody else that somebody went and told somebody else mouth to ear, ear to mouth, it went through twenty five people tomorrow morning you heard the story from somebody could you even recognise that you said it? just in one day, in twenty four hours this will happen isn't it when a...when stories are carried from generation to generation can you imagine what they could've done whichever way your father told you about your god have you passed it on to your children exactly the same way or did you add your masala to it? did you or didn't you you did isn't it you think your father did not do it you think he did not do it he did it isn't it you think his father did not do it in all this thousands of years only masala, nothing else is left please start with this, this is extremely important what I know I know what I do not know I do not know if you destroy i do not know you destroy all possibilities of knowing the very longing to know, you destroy isn't it everybody knows everything they know where god is, they know who his wife is, they know how many children he's got they know his birthday, they know his address they know wht he likes for his birthday, they know everything. isn't it? but they don't know anything about themselves when you are incapable of knowing anything about yourself are you capable of knowing about the creator? is it possible? just believe something you can sleep well tonight if all you are looking is to sleep well it's up to you but if you want to be awakened to new dimensions of experiece and li... aliveness, then stories that solace you are not sufficient all that's being offered in the name of spirituality generally is just solace solace is just psychological survival isn't it yes or no? if you come seeking solace, you just came to the wrong place because I'm not here to give you solace. am here to disturb you so badly so badly that till you find it, you can't sit you can't sleep you can't do anything you have to know it otherwise you can't settle. i want you to make you so thirsty that you have to know this is not to solace you this is not to put you to sleep if you feel its a wrong place, you may leave its ok with me

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 18, 2010 Sadhguru discusses the fundamentals of spiritual growth, philosophies and belief systems. (SaO51-P3)

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