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Copons 2.0

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Everybody is talking about Fecbook Today I went to the beauty salon and the assistant nobody has invited me yet because I don't have a computer Susanna isn't in Facebook she asked the "3 Kings" for a computer, and it has arrived at last Up until now Susanna knew everything that went on in the village but now she's out of touch! Copons only has 300 inhabitants & doesn't have mobile cover, but it does have a councillor of new technology. The Council has been able to get the neighbours interested in municipal politics hrough a page on Facebook which it began in September 2008 opening up topics for debate What has a webpage and Facebook page open to everybody meant to Copons? The idea is that the user or citizen participates in the management of the administration & the politicians, us in this case, are obliged to be accountable for the decisions we take & in this way the citizen has very direct contact with us & we have to give answers about the decisions we take The entrance is down there...aaah, ok ...morning...hello... It seems as if the people are pretty active? They are very active. There is a large group who are very active and then a group of people who find it more difficult and are getting into it little by little...and people who just look for info. is that it will spread. Does it create opposition? It helps us govern and it creates opposition. Because here you don't have an opposition party, do you? No, there is no opposition party here. More than 100 neighbours consult & debate what happens on Facebook from their homes or from La Barraca, the only cafe in the village They want to make it easy for everyone to have access. And it is getting results Sometimes we connect as well to see what they are saying...what's happening in the village to understand the village a little Tonight there is a council meeting, the 2nd which will be live on the Copons website but what's new will be the interaction Many neighbours, like Gisela, can follow the meeting online from home. And they can give their opinion. But to see the meeting? Yes in Copons 2.0 They're getting ready... t's fantastic because the public are checking if they can see or not and they are answering...yes I can see us too... there's 6 of us in front of the computer...Let's go? Look there are 10 people connected to the live broadcast. Come on, let's get on with the meeting. We'll begin with point no.1 which is the approval of the minutes from the last meeting... Today thanks to the Wall, the space in Facebook or with the chat on the Copons webpage, the villagers can participate at the end of the session, in the questions & be answered immediately... If any of the people watching online want to ask a question then, we will answer them Gisela asks if we can confirm if there is date fixed for the work in the square A date hasn't been fixed yet...

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Duration: 5 minutes and 36 seconds
Country: Spain
Language: Catalan
Producer: TV3 - 30 minuts
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Posted by: ricardespelt on Sep 12, 2009

Reportatge de Copons 2.0 emès dins el programa Fent @mics de TV3, el 19 d'abril del 2009.

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