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Dos Libros

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- Yo. - Yo. - Yo. What's up homey? How you been dawg? - Alright, man. - Anything to? - I'm chilling, man. Fine bro. Like really pretty faces and everything. I thought I'd talk with them, and immediately I could tell that these putas were down, man. And I'm not gonna lie usually when I try something like that it's like a low percentage, you know. - I feel you. I feel you. - Most of the time they ignore you. Try to sneak that shit whatever you know. They're all whores, man. I swear to God right for the gate, these bitches were down, man. - Yeah? - She's nodding her head and smiling, so I'm like, alright. Go pullover to the down, across the street then we could talk more. And so you know they do. She was like clockwork. So me and Jorge, man, we're getting hyped. We're high-fiving each other, we gonna get to fuck these girls, you know. They pull off to the down. We pulled up next to them. The driver gets out the car, I swear to God she gets out and walking like this bro. - Dude. - We take off bro. I'm talking about – you could hear the fucking tires on the road. - What kind of fucking story is this man? Your a trip man. - You know man. You wanna tell me about this whole dos libros thing again. You know these niggas think you're crazy. - Man. I can't help it, man. - I mean, its fun to talk about. Nobody takes on Santaria seriously nowadays, man. Who's calling me bro? Yo, Gino. We're good nigga. Yeah, we here man. Just walk up the steps man. What you want me to? Why do you want me to hold your hand? Why you do it? Just walk up the steps, nigga. - Why the fuck do you always have to call those niggas for bro? - You have to see the big picture here man. We're pulling with the big dogs tonight. You got to step your game up homey. Good, man. - Man. What up man? Mario, what up dawg? - I'm doing good. - You're doing good? - How's everything, bro? - Everything good man. Hey, you want something you wanna trip now, dawg. - Maybe. - Yeah, but you know I know all about that shit man. - Do you? - Yeah, bro. - Yo. Gino's like the Cuban Batman bro. - Nah. My uncle. He knows about that shit bro. He's butterfly and doing something there for like 20 years now. You know what I mean? It's legit bro. The books show you your way. You know what I mean? Yeah, yeah, yeah Aquí pasamos moñas por el TSA Las putas se montan fácil como en GTA - Yo Mario, so you what nigga? I' ma get you the books dawg, but first you're gonna bring that finite, little sister of yours, you can give me some head, nigga. Yo, Diego. You want me to dig in that? Come on, dawg. Yo, Ralpha. This niggas pissin in the corner niggas. - Yo my man... Diego, roll me up another blunt before I start whooping somebody's ass up on this bitch nigga. Come on my nigga. What's up, Mario? Chill bro. You need to relax nigga. How long do you know me for, dawg? - A minute. - Yeah, but this nigga tells me you're looking for dos libros, and you don't come to me? Come on my nigga, let's do business, dawg. I got you. I can get you the books, but it ain't gonna be free. No sir. You have to give me a little bit of change ...or some shit man. - What you mean? - What the fuck. Nigga, what the fuck do you mean what I mean nigga? I mean the books nigga. The fuck you want. Give me like 200, and I got you dawg. - Just like that? - Yo. Of course just like that, dawg. We'll get you the books, nigga. - Yo. What the fuck is wrong with this nigga, bro? You want the books right? 200 ain't shit. - Yo Diego, this your boy? - Man, he ain't my fucking boy. He brings over the weed. - My nigga, look, dawg. How long have you known me nigga? All I gotta do is just call my uncle right quick, man. Get you the books back tonight just like that. - Just like that? - Yeah, nigga I got you dawg. Easy nigga, light work. - Alright. - Gotcha bro. - Here you go, man. - Thank you, dawg. Appreciate that. - So, but tonight I shall have those books, right? - Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah Aquí pasamos moñas por el TSA Las putas se montan fácil como en GTA Doscientas cajas 'e paper que pedí en eBay En PR ya es legal, yo firmé la ley Fumando como Snoop Dogg y Wiz Kha - Hey. Do you know what the world's greatest lie is? There are certain point in our lives, we lose control of what's happening to us and faith dominates our destiny, that's the world's biggest lie. Your Libros. I have the books, come with me. The person in legend is everything you always wanted to accomplish in life. You see when you're young, you have a very clear picture of your personal legend, and everything you wanna accomplish. You're not afraid to dream and desire for things in life, but as you grow older a mysterious force tells you it's gonna be impossible to realize your personal legends. - So the books will tell me this? - The books will help you realize your personal legend. They'll prepare your spirit. See, if there's one truth in the planet, it’s that if you desire something, that desire originated and that's all the universe and accomplishing is your mission on earth. What the book show you is that those patterns are a lie. Society is a trap and work is meaningless. Here. One has words in it, the other one is blank. - What do you mean? - One teaches, it gives. The other one, you write yourself, your personal legend. - Man, I don't understand anything. How do I give it back to you? - You don't. They're yours to keep. - My man, what's up? - Hey, man. What's up? How's everything? - Did you get that shit, man, side of back? - Yeah. Took that – Ben took care of that. - Oh, perfecto man! You can leave if you want man, you want, man. Yeah. I'm just finishing up inventory. Should be quick. - Life is. I know. - You do your karate now? - It's jujitsu, man. It's jujitsu. - Ah, sorry, then excuse me. Ever since those assholes moved next door, they fucking taking up all the parking. - At least I can just walk over, I don't have to drive anywhere you know. - Antonio, that guy, that's a bad guy. That guy is not good. - Hey, Maria. Alright, man. Well, I'm done. I'll see you tomorrow. See you guys. Bye. - Hey. It's okay. - No, it's not. Business is not doing well. Hardly any new customers. On top of all you have this lunatic next door, instructor Antonio, jujitsu. You know that guy's a thug, right? That guy's a criminal. See the way he looks at you. I don't like it. - Hey! Wazzup man? How you been, dawg? I brought my bag. I'm going there. I' ma get a couple rounds there man. What about you? - Hey. Yo one of these days they are going to try that shit and we gonna fuck them up, man. - Tranquila, bro. Yo, is Antonio in there? Yeah. Yeah, he's in there. Man. I' ma go in there. I' ma get a couple rounds. You coming? - I'll be there in a bit. - The smoke alarm's go off. I just followed your nose Toucan sammy. Hey. If you're not gonna take, I'm gonna partake. Hurry up my brother. - No. It's alright. It's got a little something special in it. - It have something special? - Yeah. - I can taste that one. What you put some special? Keefy, Chief Keefy. Or what ever is that one. You put some sprinkles on there? - Well, no, it’s a wet jimmy. - What that? I never heard of a wet jimmys. What's that? - Well, yeah. It's just a wet jimmy. You know. - No, I don't. I don't know what is a wet jimmy. What that mean? - I don't really know what its – what's in it with wet jimmy. I just chew a wet jimmy, man. - Well, tell me what's in the fucking thing that you're talking about. - I don't know what's in it. I just kind of smoke it, you know I – - You trying to be funny over here? - No. I just kind of like – it’s just a wet jimmy. You know. - Who is – who brought you here my brother? Who brought you here? What's – whose friend? You the one who brought that guy? - No. How the fuck you came in my gym here? - Nobody. I just came to watch the fight. - You came to watch a fight? - Yeah, the fight. - Oh, you gonna come to get the fuck out of here now. - Hey. - And give me that fucking thing over here. Give me your fucking bullshit and get the fuck out of here. Next time ask permish. I don't fucking know you. Wet jimmy? - I don't know what the fuck that is. - I'm gonna hold for evidence. What the fuck is wrong with you guys? What's up with you guys? What's happened? - What do you mean? - What I mean, why you not training? Why I gotta ask you to train? - We're just busy, coach. - We've been busy, man. - You busy, and you think I'm not busy? I got a lot of fucking stuffs going on here too. Okay? Why you here if you're not gonna training? You came into the – it's a smoke shop in here? Okay. We got a fucking IBJJF tournament coming up, that was next month. You guys gotta – you gotta – part of your jujitsu is to represent your school. Okay? This is where you train. This is where you're from. Okay? Show your technique. Represent. You understand? - Yeah. - That makes sense to you? - You're right, coach. - Yeah. So don't – you know, I don't know how many time we gotta have that conversation. We gotta talk about the same stuff over and over again. Okay? Cuz I wanna smoke. I wanna have a good fucking time too, but you can't do that instead of training. If not that, what the fuck are we doing here? Okay. I feel like, I'm responsible because I'm the one – I like your smoke. I like to play around. Okay? But then I get too friendly and you don't fucking respect. - You're right. Yeah. Okay? - So it's my fault for making you have some fun. You understand? Hey hey hey. Woah woah woah. I'm boring you over here? Let me see what you're looking at over there. But you know what? Okay, leave that fucking ones up to me, okay? That's not – that's black belt level stuffs here. That's a married woman, okay? Never touch. That's for me to worry about. Okay? You understand what I'm talking about? Just get in there and fucking train, okay? Can you do that for me? - Yeah, coach. Can we try? I'm gonna take care of you guys you – all you gotta do is show up. Okay? That's – you can handle that? - Alright coach. - You're right. Okay. I don't wanna have to yell at you guys, you knucklehead. Boom. Get the fuck out of my face. Get out of here. - Okay coach. - Get out of here. Okay – my – not you. One sec. My man. Okay? I know you're looking at me all fucked up right now. You're the future. Okay? Your gonna be big in this sport. I see you in myself. I see myself in you. Okay? Your movement is a great. You're getting everything. You're picking up stuff faster than anybody. - Thank you. - And you're fucking purple belt, look how long it took you to get purple belt. You wanna get to brown? - Of course. - Yeah. You know what you have to do. Okay? Come on, get your shit up and let's go. - You're right coach. I'm higher than a motherfucker right now, but I'm trying to be clear because you understand? I know. Don't worry, I don't mean you're not gonna smoke. You're gonna smoke. Okay? Don't get too excited from this back-up. - Alright coach. - This not [inaudible] stuff. In my school motherfucker? What? Get the fuck out of here. I'll fucking kill you. I'm the fucking king. I'm the boss. I'm the boss. I'm the boss. I'm the boss. I'm the one. You look my fucking eye. Look to me in the eye. Gotta fix that shit. What the fuck? Fat fucking ass over there. Hey! What are you doing over here? - Nothing. - Why are you sitting against my building over here? Huh? You trying to get noticed? You wanna get some lessons over here? Yeah? Give me some of that yogurt, I'm hungry I've been working out. Come here, don't be greedy. Why you being stingy? Get over here. I'm gonna – don't make me come get you over here. Yeah yeah yeah. Okay. I'm gonna get at you later. - Here at our school. First things first, we expect you to be here every single day. If you're not able to be here, you will need to notify me, so that I can go ahead and provide you with the necessary assignments that you'll be doing for that day. If you have any questions, send me an email to the only address that was provided to you prior to the start of class. If there's nothing further, class is dismissed. - I can teach you a lot of stuff. - Oh yeah? - Yeah. - I can get myself out at any moment. I'm making you sweat already, but look let me – watch this. If I grab you like this, okay? - Okay. - What if a guy grab you, okay? And he is not all fine as hell and look like dolce de leche like myself, and he's grabbed you. What you gonna do? He's in a dack. The cops. Don't shoot. - I don't know. Funny. Kill me. - He was just teaching me some jujitsu. - Okay. It's not what it looks like. We're doing some – no. I'm kidding, but we're doing some self defense. You wanna try? You gonna get close. - Maybe not, we gotta go. We gotta get out of here, so if you have no problem, we'll get out of here. - Okay. I'm telling her before that you guys, we can get a deal going here. - Yeah. No. We're good. Let's go outside. - You walk in anytime. Okay? We neighbors here. - I got you. I got you. - Okay. - Alright. Fucking hands all over you. What the fuck was that about? - I don't know that guy Antonio, he was just teaching me some jujitsu moves. - But why? Why would he be teaching you jujitsu moves? The fuck was that about? - I don't know. He just – - You go in there, and have your hands all over him, and stuff like that? I fucking told you. I don't trust that fucking guy. Ever since he's been here, he's been a pain my fucking ass and I go over there. All there giggly with the fucking guy. I walk-in then I see you like that. I don't want you going there ever again. Okay? Ever again. I don't want you talking to that guy or going in there again. Okay? - Okay. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. - I know you've been fucking dying for it. - What the fuck is this? What are you doing? - Stop. - Hey. Don't put your fucking hands on nobody. You understand? Shut the fuck up. Get your fucking mouth shut. - God. - You undertand? Calm the fuck down. Calm down. Calm down. - Hey. That's my fucking wife. - Hey. Calm the fuck down. I could fucking kill you here. Shut the fuck up. - What are you doing to her? - Shut the fuck – shut your fucking mouth. - You know I'm with him now, right? - You wanna go down? You wanna go the fuck to beddy by? - You know I'm with Antonio. - That's my fucking girl. - Fucking asshole. - You hear that? That's not your girl no more. That's my fucking girl and you're in my fucking house. You understand? You gonna be – - I just wanna go. - Shut the fuck up. - I just wanna go. - You’re gonna be dry-cleaning my fucking geez. Okay? - You’re gonna have him dominate you like that? - God. - You heard that? You heard that? - He's my man now. - No, no, no. - Put your fucking fist down right there. You see? You wanna be a fucking tough guy here? You wanna fuck around with me too? - The fuck. - Are you jealous? You want me to make out of you? - For fucking 10 years. We have been married for 10 years. - Don't worry about that. Shut the fuck up. - That's my girl. That's what you're dealing with here. - That's my girl. Yeah. That's my girl now. - That's my fucking girl. - That's my fucking girl now. You understand? Don't you ever come into my fucking studio like that. Fuck out of here. Get the fuck out of here. Fuck out of here. - Fuck you. - Fuck it. I take this fucking chick. I take this fucking chick, I put on top that fucking AC unit here, and I'm just going to town. I'm like – I'm trying every fucking technique. I can't remember from when I was a kid. About two days later, I came down with the worst fucking strep, you know, strep throat. Whatever's that one. - Oh, man. - I was almost my fucking deathbed. I was trying to crawl back to training. My fucking professor said, "Fuck that. Okay? You don't wanna get everybody sick," but that's how much we used to fucking train the old days. And you guys are fucking sitting there. The bottom line, you guys need to get there and fucking start training. You understand? Okay? You gotta work. - You're right boss. - We need to get in here and fucking train too. I'm gonna put a fucking choke over here. - Stop. - You wanna stop? No. You don't like that? - No. Who's that? - What the fuck are you doing here? What the fuck are you doing? I told you, you gotta call me. Why is – what the fuck is wrong with you? You can't come over here, that's my fucking place. Who told you to come here? Don't look at me like that, I didn't do nothing wrong. Look I'm fine, I didn't do nothing. I'm here. I'm here. I'm a fucking free agent. You got a husband, I don't know what you want. Don't fucking look at me like that. You gotta get out of here. You gotta go. You don't belong here. Go. Go. You gotta go. What are you waiting? - You go fuck yourself. You're a fucking asshole. - Okay. That is what it is. Can you believe that? Who the fuck break – you saw, and I didn't touch that one. I said, like that. You understand? Cuz that's breaking in. She's breaking in. I don't know what's that a one, two, three or whatever they call that, but let me tell you something, fuck that. If it was Brazil, we would've took her – I would've took her like that and make her to clean the fucking place. Apologize to everybody, and then get the fuck out of here. Okay? - Alright, man. Why don't you go out there just – let me get my stuff together. - Alright, then I'll go. - Hello? Hello John? Yes John? Yes. I should be able to make it tomorrow around 1:00 o'clock. Yeah. Yeah. By then I could set up the whole network that wouldn't be a problem. Yeah, I could do that. The only thing, I didn't go over with you in regards to the payment, I have a credit card reader on my phone. Yeah. Yeah, that wouldn't be a problem. Alright. Excellent. Alright John, so I'll see you tomorrow around 1:00 0'clock? Alright man, see you then. - Pete? - What are you doing here? - I know. I know. I know. - How? - Antonio he's not like you. He's so forceful and persistent. We spent 10 years, 10 years. We're not gonna throw that away. I love you. - So how's the book going? - Good. It's done. Happiness More or less It's just a change in me Something in my liberty Oh, my, my Happiness Coming and going I watch you look at me Watch my fever growing I know just where I am But how many corners do I have to turn? How many times do I have to learn All the love I have is in my mind? Well, I'm a lucky man With fire in my hands Happiness Something in my own place I'm stood here naked Smiling, I feel no disgrace With who I am Happiness Coming and going I watch you look at me Watch my fever growing I know just who I am But how many corners do I have to turn? How many times do I have to learn All the love I have is in my mind? I hope you understand I hope you understand Oh, no no no no no no no no no Gotta love that'll never die Happiness More or less It's just a change in me Something in my liberty Happiness Coming and going I watch you look at me Watch my fever growing I know Oh, my, my Oh, my, my Oh, my, my Oh, my, my Gotta love that'll never dies Gotta love that'll never died No, no I'm a lucky man It's just a change in me Something in my liberty It's just a change in me Something in my liberty It's just a change in me Something in my liberty Oh, my, my Oh, my, my It's just a change in me Something in my liberty Oh, my, my Oh, my, my Oh, my, my Oh, my, my

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Mario navigates through the dangerous underworld of Little Havana, Miami. Betrayed by a group of friends, he starts to study a book that frees him from his relatively boring life. While this is going on, his jiu jitsu coach and mentor, seduces another man's wife. He easily steals this woman away, and just as quickly leaves her to go back to her husband, causing distress in the marriage.

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