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Do you mean it? I think I'm in love Come Mary, but if ... If you hardly know him ... That does not matter. It shows. I think we have tuned and sharp! Finally! If you say so ... I do not know. Yourself ... Huh? How do you say his name? His name is Jaime Well, for you, Jaime, is this song ... And you already know: if you want to send a message of love or some bullshit like that you can do it now live Clear skies ... and the sea temperature pleasant . Well, seize the day for what they want. But , if possible , forget the car. At this time a lot... What is left ...? Huh? What is left?The world ...! Dispute world championship ... ... It's one o'clock, noon in the Canaries. The future is complicated ... Last chance to call ... I do not cut and you tell him who you please share what you want. And do not leave it for another time. The number? The number is 943 36 54 82. Again in case: 943 36 54 82. We have a new call: Hello! Who do we talk? Hello! Good evening! Well, would you mind started well turn off the radio? Yes, yes. So... sorry! eh? forgive That's better. If you are going to leave me without ears ... See who tell me talk? With Manuel Ezeiza. Manolo. Manolo Donosti Very well. Manolo de San Sebastian. And who you want to send your message? The truth is I do not know. I mean, I do not know his name but I know we will, I'm sure we're hearing right? Then does not give us more details all our listeners can be alluded to by. Well like the message may give us a clue. Come when you want Yeah well ... eh ... called because ... because I've noticed that you've left part of the dress out of the car ... like you get it to the door and .... Well, I do not know you but .. but come on ... I saw you ... you've caught the dress and ... I've been singing and ... well ... I thought we would stay with you ... or drink ... or ... Well, well. A view to the cart. Is that when you embaláis I do not understand anything ... This is a little surreal. A view to enlighten you asking him an appointment to a singer who goes into a car with his coat off. And how do you know you go to her? No, no. I still do not know. He is smiling as if this was not her Well, give some clue for clarification. How is she? What do you do? Well wearing something red. Now touch the neck with his hand. And now the hair is very dark. And now it seems that he begins to realize. Yes, yes. Definitely has realized Well, I forgive but I'm not finding anything. See where are you? Man, then, the truth is I'd rather not say. Maybe someone else is listening to us and ... I prefer ... And do you prefer ...? Manolo!. Well, it seems we have been cut ... I prefer that ... not know where we are I suppose you will not tell shyness Sometimes there who will understand So not post gives the radio call and give your name but cuts you tell us where you are ... Anyway ... Hey, tell me one thing How did you know that she is listening to us? ... I've seen her singing ... Well and if you're looking at it why do not you come and say whatever you want ... right? Manolo You still there? Yes, yes, yes ... I say boy if you want a date with her you'll have to convince her that the stuff you hear out there ... A see. Who tells her that you are not ... I do not know ... a psychopath? And who says to me that it is not the psychopath? It is about taking risks right? Neither do I know ... I do not know if you're married ... if you have a boyfriend ... or if you have a dead body in the trunk ... Not me I'm good these things ... I thought it would be nice to meet you and I do not know ...! I thought it would be nice ... Romeo Good ... we're out of time ... Man what is clear is that this radio is not your thing huh? But I think a good chance at least and you deserve it. Why do not you tell him where you can find? Maybe you're lucky ... I do not know. I do not want to force the issue ... Look, I have to stop at the next gas station. If you fancy ... then we'll see ... Well, Manuel, then thanks for your call. And see if we are lucky and she appears at the pump. Well this call and we'll go. Do not forget that tomorrow we will be again ... I was out of gas. Hey ...

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Duration: 9 minutes and 8 seconds
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Genre: None
Director: José María Goneaga
Views: 5,288
Posted by: angelpuente on Oct 3, 2012

Corto de José María Goenaga premiado en el festival de cine corto de Málaga.
Sinopsis: "No es cuestión de largas conversaciones, no es cuestión de años de convivencia. A veces, en un lugar de paso, en cuestión de unos pocos minutos, puedes llegar a sintonizar con alguien".

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