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Ojos Misioneros: La Galería Artillery

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Hi. This is Stefania Rousselle and this is Mission Eyes. So, tonight I decided to bring you to the Artillery of Pearl Gallery. It's an art and design shop and I don't think you've ever seen a place like this on Mission street. Let's go and check it out. Featuring more than your mall brand logos, this store offers clothing and art with mission flavor I'm here with Ivan Lopez, He's the owner of the store. So tell us about the story of the store. Um, alright so the Artillery Apparel Gallery is basically about promoting art within the mission community. We focus on showcasing local designers and also local artists. There's a lot of talent out there but there's not that many outlets for people who want to showcase their stuff. Red or Blue never works for me. I got to many positive things to do. Tonight's event featured Spoken word, music and photography. From Jessica Pons from LA. New artwork will be featured monthly. They all turned out really well with the Spoken word. Spoken word had a lot to do with Latin Americans in this country. And my photographs are photographed in Latin America. And it kinda came together as a theme. And i think everybody is having a good time. The style of the shop maybe new to Mission street and its usual businesses. But even Lopez was born and raised in the community. At just 23, he's bringing the heart and soul of a new generation. What do you think about opening a shop like this on mission street. I think its great to have some type of positive reinforcement out here in the mission. We got some fresh clothes, beautiful artwork. I think is a beautiful thing. Not just a Taqueria, but you know we got some shoes stores out here too so its good. Artillery may seem like a shop a shop you can find on Haight street or Valencia But Ivan sees it differently. I mean its funny just going one block away and you get a whole different crowd. And that was sort of our goal to like have other people to embrace this design. And our communities that aren't socially equal as Valencia or like Hayes Valley. Thanks for checking out the shop with us. Its open everyday of the week from 11 to 8 I'll maybe see you here next time bye.

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Producer: Amanda Martínez y Stefania Rousselle
Director: Amanda Martínez y Stefania Rousselle
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Posted by: missionlocal on Jul 6, 2009

Con la ayuda de sus padres, Iván López, quien asistió al Pratt Institute en Nueva York pero se crió en el Distrito de la Misión, abrió la Galería Artillery Apparel en el 2751 de la calle Misión hace cuatro semanas. Esta semana fue la inauguración del local y los OJOS MISIONEROS estuvieron presentes.

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