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The Bible and Jesus - A Message less shared

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: what Really Happened 2 - Bible Exposed - Jesus This is Jesus..continuing so, I Walked this Earth and I did All these Practical..Examples of Who I Am and...who the Beings Are and I Informed them Make Notes Write..Ask Questions and many, of course, were Interested in Me because i..Represented who they are which they Didn't See or Accept or Realize Within Themselves and I was...'Fascinating', I was Beyond Belief and..See what I "Did Not See", what I Did Not Understand, Firstly was - I Didn't See Anu's Mind Consciousness Systems or even Plan of Enslavement for Humanity at that time [eh] what I Saw in Human Beings is Myself I saw Myself, and this I Spoke to Them as My Equals as One with Me it was Sim...Simple Words, and... yea, i've showed them that..when you Realized that: you're not of this world or defined by this world: you are free in this world. You are not defined by the Limitations..of this world. Because if you define yourself of this world, you're defined by the Limitation of.. what this World consists is simple. and.. I truly..believed at that time, they..were merely 'lost' in ideas. About themselves, about this world.. they've got lost inside the pictures, of what they 'see' of this world.. know, I could kind of see..wheres this world is going to go.. know, I didn't Step in Immediately. and so I realized, I am 'not able' to stay here on Earth - Infinitely. and Show All the Human Beings on Earth.. you know, Who i Equal and One with Them. and Show All the Human Beings on Earth.. you know, Who I Equal and One with Them. and Show All the Human Beings on Earth.. So I gathered..'Followers', that's called..disciples - or referred to as disciples in the bible, but even there.. the word disciples, you're able to..say, disciples sounds like disciplines. Disciplinaries if you want to..put it in that perspective, but even in that.. Lies the code of "following" and..not..applying, living, practicing. so from that perspective the bible in terms of disciples merely 'following', not applying, living becoming one and equal with me, is also another deceptive point, in what the bible describes of what really happened. I 'did' Inform the twelve beings of..what they are required to do. I 'walked' with them, as them..they viewed what I did..they practiced what I did, they spoke what I did. I showed them 'everything': all of me. equal..and one with them. Told them write it down..practice it, apply it, live it. same principles, because I realized they didn't do that, nothing will change. how else did they get to where they had become? through application, living, practice, belief, ideas..etc. so just 'transform' that to a different way, applying, practicing..expressing and..there you have a transformed being. now what is Interesting what I found..existed then and even the point were: if someone's actually 'stands up' this world if you look through the ages..that if one being or a few but..stands up, and actually speaks the truth. Actually speaks of the..true expression..of human beings. Why? because they have seen it, they have actually applied it themselves, they have lived it themselves, they have expressed it themselves. human beings..beings are, unable to actually speak words.. that they haven't first applied, expressed, and lived as themselves. you are able to see it, hear it. and, what is interesting is that such being Immediately get attacked by the entire world it is fascinating even by myself then: what did I stand for? I stand for..equality and oneness. beings realizing that they are one and equal with me but, what Happened? Most of the world 'turned' against me. calling me..'of Deception'..calling me a lie..etc. but what's Interesting is: that in reverse, always. because what did I represent them? What do beings say to me..that is actually reflected to them? that they're..deception, that they're lying that they're not honest with themselves..etc. it's simple. but beings..don't see that, they don't realized that.. Whatever you really see in another, you're actually seeing yourself. it is so simple. and it's simply undeniable and it's even existed, when I was here. and..what I found was beings couldn't..hear me they don't hear - the words i've spoke they completely: I speak the words, and once the words are spoken.. it was completely..twisted around, reversed and you know, extensively confused me because.. sometimes I had to repeat certain sentences, certain expressions Over and over again. and sometimes I required to actually show it to them, practically, as a manifestation of Myself for them to first understand it. my intention was never to become..a being to worship. Though my experience Here on earth was completely misconstrued.. by the white light of course. Most of the 'stories' in the bible..was designed, by..other beings of the white light.. who..manifested as human beings for a moment, know even, the time that I was 'crucified'.. where, there were dimensional beings who'd come and twist the entire.. My entire expression around to form a belief. so I basically prepared the way for, his design to become a worshiped god, in this world, and of this world - of humanity. Without me actually being aware of it. and so he twisted and turned my words around. and..thus..and not only in during that time but also later beings that..existed in this world. that you know, they twisted words around..completely twisted.. and placed in stories within the bible that, you know.. occurred during various times, when I was not even present.. so the book, of the the..utter manifestation of deception. i've said, everything is in reverse. the bible seen as truth, is actually..the bible of deception. it's a representation of anu's..manifestation of separation..equaling enslavement and..yes I did..when I died on the cross, and I was crucified Specifically allowed them to do that, you know, was for me in terms of proving to myself, you know and to anyone else that they are able to actually see, what they are doing. what were they actually showing themselves there, that they were crucifying themselves, as the true expression of..who they are, which I represented. and the crucifixion, of human beings as themselves has continued, for eons of time. Thank you very much. This is Jesus More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews Screened Shortly: L. Ron Hubbard, Aaron Spelling, Adam Weishaupt CC English for DestenI Productions ©

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Jesus Himself - through Interdimensional Portal talks about the Real Meanings of some of the Distorted Messages inside Nowadays Bible!

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