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Elizabeth Whitman talks about UESP

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My name's Elizabeth Whitman and I started in UESP my freshman year and I was actually in it until just this last summer and I'm a junior this year. I worked START and go to work with all the advisors in UESP as well and, um, they just helped me to explore my options. and work me through my first two years here in college. A lot of exploring. Like I said I was in it for two years so I went from pre-vet to forestry to pre-law to to HDFS so a lot of exploring I just took different classes that were in the majors, talking a lot with Kerry and Tiffany and Jeff and they all had different connections where I could talk with different advisors and people in the fields. They provided me with all the resources I needed to explore tons of different areas and I found one that fit, so... I would say don't rush it. I've seen so many people that come in declared and set and then three years down the road switch and then they're here for an extra couple years which is fine. I'm going to be here for more than four, but don't rush it. Don't feel pressure. I had to announce at START for two years in a row as a START leader, that I was undeclared so don't be ashamed of being undeclared. I think you're ahead in the end because even if you don't go with the major you take a class in, it's knowledge that you're gonna have and I learned a lot about myself and a lot about different things that Oregon State has to offer and different jobs that there are to offer. So just don't be and don't rush being undeclared so just stick with it as long as you need to!

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Posted by: allyd on Jan 30, 2012

Elizabeth Whitman speaks about her experience in UESP at Oregon State University

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