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Peter Tosh - I could see demons

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Peter Tosh Hello, Peter Tosh I am here to communicate about my Life, here on earth that was (laugh) crazy, mad insane and, this is my first time so I have to say that I am nervous not really but let's see what comes forth I am here to speak in the moment and just tell the world what my experience was that was never known by anyone and here is my insane Life my Life was insane, but I maintained my sanity in a very strange ways and let me start, so let's start at the beginning I am born like any normal human being is borned but what is normal in this world we don't know hail this world is insane, and we are saying all: Are we insane or the world insane? we dont't know so, yes I was born and as a child I was very much into very strange usage of substances and that is when I literally saw my ass (laugh) that is when I started seeing seeing these strange creatures inside human beings I thought I was going crazy going mad but then even though I stop using the substances because it was when I started using the substances that oh it's rather strange talking to a camera but I know the world is hearing me so I am talking to the world, well to whoever is listening so let me continue and, I started seeing these strange things happening inside human beings like they started moving and look like monsters look like black monsters moving inside beings and that was when I was about eleven- eight eleven years old my friends were much older older people much older man which introduce me to a world of- nomadlity and yes you may see or think that what I saw because of what I used but unfortunately it's not the truth and these creatures started moving inside these beings human beings that I saw around me moving like this (wave) inside them! outside them! trying to take hold of other people and then they start coming more and more! once I saw 49 or 50 of them in one one just moving the whole time others stretching out to other people all through my mind I did not understand what I saw and then I stopped using these things because I said: No no no! I can't do that, it is too crazy but then even when I stopped using it, I still saw these things when I wake up when I saw my friends when I saw my close ones it's there all the time, I just see these things going and grasping almost wanting to eat human beings the whole time, but no one sees these and I thought you know, I- can't say to anyone else what I am seeing! because no one will believe me, and they will say to me: You are crazy you are insane, stop using what you are using I tell them: I don't used what I am using anymore, I see these and I realize no one knows about this I see it in their eyes every time I look in someone's eyes and I I looked inside their eyes and I see these creatures the whole time inside going like this whole time like they're angry, like they want to kill someone and I was so afraid most of my Life I was afraid very afraid because I see these things and I see them they want to come at me the whole time some of them have sometimes, they're inside me I don't know what to do so what I do is I write I started writing I started finding something that I can grasp that is me in this world because nothing or anyone- it was a world of monsters a world of creatures and, well that's the only reference I can put these things to it's nothing you seen in story books because these things! are inside human beings now, imagine, I don't know what's going on! I didn't understand it, there is nothing to tells me what these things are that are inside human beings and I got afraid, I was petrified I was out of my mind, I thought so I needed something that would have me speak to people in a way so that I'm not going crazy so I thought maybe, these things need help I don't know maybe it's something in me I am seeing that needs help needs to come out that needs I don't know, something! so then I found music music take me, here! get me I am here get me, not having these creatures attack me and take me over I was so scared that they would do that that I would become one of these creatures fuck I didn't even know if I was these creature I had to look at the mirror to see if I had these exist inside of me sometimes I had! but I was still here so, and that's thanks to my music, thanks to the words I wrote because I looked at this world and I realize, I looked at the people and I realize there is something wrong why do I see it, why does no one else see it, I don't understand so, I had to find a way out of this but there is no way out I know whether I am here or whether where I am going when I died I don't want to end up with these creatures, with these creatures that's all I see the madness of this world so who's saying who's- insane? I don't know and, my Life was a world of much confusion, was of much fear of much anger, I am a loner you know I could talk about these things amongst those but they always laugh at me and think: Ah no, Tosh you're crazy (laugh) continue singing continue writing, just continue that and it was a rough road I did not have an easy Life the only way that I could stand up is to do is something opposite to these things I see inside people moving wanting to eat them wanting to destroy the whole time that's all they wanted to do the whole time! where were the people? where were the- goodness? where was the light? where was the beauty? it was not here! and no one could see everyone was living as these monsters inside them these creatures not knowing what is going on, so I had to find a way out of this the only way out I could find was writing the music was speaking, something I found inside me that these monsters these creatures couldn't touch it was being these words I wrote these, the music I wrote what did I say? I spoke to the people I did not see the people know they were in them, but I saw inside me but I did not understand I was always afraid, I was always angry but it was here I was more afraid than anything else imagine seeing all these things inside people and they don't see it no one sees it only I do they come after me always, tell me to stop tell me to stop speaking tell me to stop singing tell me to stop writing this is their world, this is their people I must not try and take over I must not try it so they don't see it and I said to them: I maybe afraid, but I am talking! I am writing, I am not giving myself over to you and, so that's what I did and unfortunately got me killed but, I found when I got into the what you call it? 'the afterLife' it's not really a afterLife but I found there was something else, as well I remained here on earth for awhile, with my people I stayed here I did not go into the 'heaven' I'm in- live inside some human beings for awhile trying to take out these creatures I did not know how, I just thought: They did not go away but they left me alone, they left the people alone they sometimes swap to other people the whole time these creatures these monsters and so I hog with them all over humanity chasing them out of the bodies so that they don't have to stay there long enough to bother anyone or to take over who they of and, that's what I did for a long while until this interdimensional portal opened now everything changed there's no more creatures there's no more, monsters inside the people the only monsters and creatures that stayed is who the people are unfortunately so, we have to continue talking we have to continue writing we have to continue talking through this portal to the people like I am talking now still a bit uncomfortably so to get you to start hearing and open your eyes and realize the only monsters and creatures on earth the moment is who humans are and that's me that's my message that's my story a little bit and you know not too much about me really I can get more into that as we continue- more into speaking and I will write as well prefer writing and you know you put it on a piece of paper and it's here and then you can see it as well (laugh) alright, this is Peter Tosh thank you for listening that's me, talk later More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Jimi Hendrix, JF Kennedy, Richard Nixon CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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