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C7L3: Serve and Volley

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This has always been a very difficult combination to show people which is the serve and volley. There are not enough players in the in the last 50 years who have been able to do it well. Mostly once again the way its taught everyone thinks you toss the ball way into the court and lean on the serve. I think thats the word I have heard used a lot which already brings you into an off balance first step. Then once you do your split step with your feet together at the service line or when ever they touch the ball and then they tell you to reach forward and walk behind the volley. Stop and block, there are just too many buzz words out there and no one really understands the serve and volley technique. Believe me it is simplified by understanding the game a lot better and you will see how all your lessons come into play here on the serve and volley. Thats primarily balance, you want to stay balanced on the hit, balanced on the serve and balanced on the volley. That really is the best way to serve and volley. Probably the best player to ever do this is Pete Sampras he could do this about as effortlessly as Roger Federer plays the entire game. You will see Roger can do it well but not as often. Watch how Pete always goes into his serve the same way he screws down into the court, his head bobs almost straight up and down look at that. Vertical axis is true so you know he is not tossing too far out into the court, see that. He is just like a head, like a cork bobbing on the ocean. His head drops straight down and then he comes straight up very comfortable. Now he comes in behind it, look how balanced he is in his split step. Does that gallup here, low volley tough one but see how he is just there. He keeps his line up at the 45 the entire stroke through. He is not reaching out in front of him right to try and block the ball he just stays true at the 45 and he can get the depth he needs off a seemingly routine volley there. Thats really where its at to stay balanced throughout the swing. Here is another pretty good example serve and volley see this squeezes straight down look at that head vertical axis is very true there is no leaning in to this hit. By the hips coming forward that over the baseline, that is what pulls him into a tight bow. Once he is in that tight bow just releasing here will give him forward momentum. Very on balance from the very first step on he is on balance, there is the gallup right there one two and look how he moves to the inside. See how his hips move to the inside of that 45 right here he just stays balanced and rests right at the 45 degree angle see how the racket stretches out there. So he is not trying to push the ball anywhere look at that racket it actually touched the ground right at the 45. He can put the ball on a dime, any player can put the ball on a dime off this serve and volley if you stayed balanced. Throughout the whole transition so its very to do this volley it gives you a big leg up on the other players because no body is really practicing this any more. It gives you an extra strategy or more if you can serve and volley with efficiency not to mention its imperative for your doubles.

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 21, 2014

Discover the lost art of the serve and volley.

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