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Vincent Reynouard's message for X-mas. National-socialist always...

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I wish you all a Merry Christmas. I will spend tonight's Eve and Christmas Day alone, because during this year 2015 , I have lost my job, I have been heavily condemned, I lost my family that I had rebuilt and I was forced into exile. I am, therefore alone, somewhere in the suburbs of London. But, if I have virtually lost everything, my will to fight remains intact, for a mere reason: in his latest work «The ungovernable man», Roland Gori, who is a politic opponent, writes: «I repeat it again and again: evil comes from the failure of successive liberalisms to conjugate plural and singular, tradition and modernity. Social dissent comes from the inability of a government to be above the selfish calculations of individuals and factions to promote the COMMON GOOD.» He is undoubtedly right. And, it is the merit of Hitler to have managed this harmonious marriage between plural and singular, between tradition and modernity. National Socialism, it's the family back into fashion, far away from all the gender mortifying theories. It's a real ecological concern, with the recycling, long before our democracies. It's true charity, which is only possible when people are united. It's this charity in action in all German cities under the auspice of the Fuhrer, naturally with the participation of youth, to which, love of the common good is taught. It's the desire to give to the youth from childhood, non demeaning shows. It's the working condition raised in order to weld the people of the community. It's the popular layers who enjoy a genuine economic recovery in the shared benefits. It's the holidays that the most humble received. It's a happy youth, because it doesn't fear of the future. Years later, this close person from Joseph Goebbels, was right to summarize National Socialism with this simple word: «Paradise». Yes, National Socialism has been heaven on Earth, for a moment. Too short a time, alas. This is why my will to fight remains intact. In this end of 2015, I almost lost everything, except my National Socialist ideal, but it's this ideal that fills my life. Merry Christmas to all. «Four Years of Hitler's Germany» by Cesare Santoro «Did Hitler imposed himself by terror?» «National Socialism and civil liberties: what should be known» Hitler had the duty to remove the Republican freedoms Do not be the victims of their lies anymore. Refer back to: Translation and subtitles didi18

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Year: 2015
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Posted by: didi18 on Dec 24, 2015

Message de V. Reynouard pour Noël. National-socialiste toujours...

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