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Paul Hawken - The Death of Place and Culture

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global oneness project The Death of Place and Culture The times we're going through, every generation thinks that they live at the most unusual time in history Paul Hawken - Northern California - Environmentalist, Entrepreneur, Author or the most special time or the most challenging time. That's a generational quality. And yet, one does have a sense now that there's something far beyond that vanity that exists, in terms of the earth, the state of the earth, what we've done to the earth, the death not just of place but of culture. And I think we've reached a time where nobody can say with any prescience or accuracy what is going to happen in any rational, reasonable way. I don't think anybody knows where we're going, how we're going to get there, or what's going to happen. So it's extraordinariliy unusual times for people. It brings up a lot of anxiety, understandably, and fear. It will bring up, politically, certainly a lot of demagoguery because it uses fear as its food; it feeds on it. It will bring up all the shadowy qualities that each of us have and they will be, in a sense, uncovered by events, and we will truly know who we are and who we've become. And the uncertainties are most definitely concentrated around climate because if it was just weather, then that would be just one factor, but we've never really understood weather as well as we do now and how it interlaces and affects everything we do, from the economy to food to health to population to migration to fisheries, water, oceans, forests, die-offs, insects, disease. It goes on and on. All of that is affected very powerfully by the climate and climate change, and I would say that the opportunity of this time that we're facing is to discover who we really are and to know who we are as people in a way which we never have before because I don't think we can surmount or even face what is coming at us and be the same people, the same culture, the same civilization that we have been heretofore. - Footage courtesy of the Pachamama Alliance

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