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2621 YLH Substances to avoid during your pregnancy

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Being pregnant is wonderful, but it does mean that looking after your health and the health of your baby has become even more important. Whilst you are pregnant, there are some substances that you should really try to avoid. Which ones are they and what damage can they do? Firstly, it really is important that you don’t smoke when you're pregnant. This is because carbon monoxide, nicotine and other toxic chemicals from cigarettes cross the placenta and go directly into the baby’s blood stream, so in reality, your baby smokes with you. This reduces the oxygen and nourishment it gets and puts it at risk of low birthweight, premature birth and ultimately could result in stillbirth. The sooner you stop smoking the better and there are some really helpful local groups that will help you give up. You can also have your Carbon monoxide level tested. Your midwife can give you more details, so please do ask. You also need to be careful about what you drink. Caffeine is a stimulant in tea, coffee, and energy and cola drinks. Too much caffeine should be avoided as it is passed through your placenta and may affect your baby. Drinking alcohol increases the risk of miscarriage and could affect how your baby grows and develops, potentially resulting in deformities and problems with physical and emotional development. For these reasons you should avoid drinking during your pregnancy. You should also be very careful about drugs and medication. Only take medication prescribed by your GP. Over-the-counter drugs should also be avoided and street drugs should not be taken as they will seriously harm both you and your baby.

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2621 YLH Substances to avoid during your pregnancy

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