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On Friday night, Galería de la Raza celebrated the opening of it's 40th anniversary exhibition. A retrospective of work that documents four decades of the Chicano Latino experience. This is amazing, the show is just with all this superb artists that helped create the Chicano movement of art in the Mission. of San Francisco. So to be part of it is just awesome. We did this collaboration with Río Yáñez and japanese zines with the whole chola and lowrider lifestyle We felt like taking that and turning it the other way The exhibition includes work by more than 40 artists and honors the legacy of creative activism and cultural expression in its diverse generation Well, it's about immigrants like myself living in the Mission In this case, the bed sheets hiding myself but it's also with the wind and kind of revealing the identity as well So, no matter how much a culture tries to hide from someone, we just kind of keep pushing to like show ourselves. I think it's like looking through an old album photo of your family, yo know? which is kinda nice The theme is, so They like our culture They love our food They just don't like us I grew up here. My mom used to carry me down on a stroller or on her arms It's kind of a trip on memory lane, there's a lot of photos of me here that I didn't expect to see. So, um it gave me a lot to think about tonight We documented the low riding scene on Mission Street which was part of a Galería project that we did in 1979 and '80; the Galería had just been an amazing place for many different artists We really have to thank the people that have kept it openfor for forty years. Galería 4.0: A retrospective is on view through January 29, 2011.

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