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NaVi in Stockholm [PART 4] ENG SUBS!

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Zeus:That's a lot of people here "Swedish clowns" Zeus:Yeah, well we are chilling now, after we lost to TSM 2 times in OT. Zeus:2 championship, 2 OT losses, VP and TSM Zeus:But we have to fix our mistakes, that's our main point right now Zeus:If you don't know we are having a short bootcamp here in Sweden. Zeus:Look at that party Zeus:That's fun and all, but Denis is the main character here, since he won 3000$ Zeus:What can you say? Seized:Thanks to ZeusCyberSchool subscribers Zeus:You said that on stream already, it was hilarious. Zeus:You didn't expect it, right? Seized:Absolutely not Seized:I thought JW would win honestly, and I would get demolished Zeus:Hopefully fans won't beg you for money Seized:I will probably do a giveaway or something Zeus:Denis decided to not upset me and gifted me a golden router Zeus:Thanks Denis, I have no idea what to do with it though Zeus:I feel like it's a prize for loosers Zeus:Give me a thousand dollars instead Zeus:I agree with you doing a giveaway though Seized:I am doing a t-shirt giveaway right now Zeus:Well that t-shirt must cost like 500 Euro or something, better buy a full Na'Vi set then Zeus:Think of it as you've won a championship Zeus:Sadly we don't feel the win as a team Seized:Loosing two events in OT is quite sad Zeus:Exactly Zeus:So we're just walking around in Sweden, we're at FragBite already Zeus:It's a big office, where they create one of the most popular newspapers here Seized:Oh look HellRaisers Zeus:We're heading to this cool place, Hi Adren Zeus:Are they playing?Oh yes Zeus:That's the studio Zeus:Everyone is watching the game here "Discussing the game" Zeus:1-1, fnatic won Seized:NiP's cup is here Flamie:We can steal it:D Zeus:We haven't been here for a while Edward:That cup is just sitting calmly there. Zeus:Someone really wants to steal it Flamie:Want to play some fifa? Zeus:Fifa is great man, on consoles Zeus:HELLO Inferno, haven't seen you for a while Zeus:This place is full Zeus:Oh wow we got a cool place Edward:Zeus, are you going with me? Zeus:Right now?Yeah Zeus:I like this place Zeus:We just need to practice so hard Zeus:n1 seized Zeus:Are you playing with hooch?Also say hi to kiba(ken) from me Edward:Mitya hello, oh fuck, I saw you stream with olof Zeus:They lost 16-14 on train:( Zeus:Ladislav practicing Edward:Let's go Zeus:Where is Starix? Seized:Back there Edward:You gonna sit here all the time? Starix:Probably Zeus:Tough life of a manager Zeus:Sup' everyone Zeus:Hardcore quake here Starix:Let me shoot for you Starix:Your BFF<3 Starix:I thought he was made out of steel:( Zeus:I see they play a lot of games here Zeus:Quake 3 is still alive Zeus:Is this LoL? Starix:It's HoN Starix:markeloff played it, remember? Zeus:Yeah I remember some guy called markeloff Starix:You can play some xbox if you want Zeus:This is cool, I love those seats Edward:Some interesting stats here Edward:8 million 350 thousand people in steam right now Starix:How many are on VACation?:D Zeus:8 million holy fuck Zeus:Here's the cup, nothing in it Zeus:We didn't even come close to this cup Zeus:They had a lot of chances Edward:4 Zeus:I hope everything is in future for us

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Posted by: iamfish007 on Jun 10, 2015

NaVi in Stockholm [PART 4] ENG SUBS!

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