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mark & rox prenup

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We haven't seen each other at that time yet... So, we were just on Facebook I said, "It's so hard to talk on Facebook. Can I just have your number?" She was still in California at that time. And... then there, she quickly gave me her number. And then she said that she was gonna join the Navy. So, I said If it's what you want, then go for it. I will be here to support you. And then, There you go After her graduation It was always just writing letters after letters It was also hard, but... Roxanne: As in old school letters Mark: Old school letters because that was the only thing allowed for us. She was at boot camp then, and When she got out, she messaged-- She wrote me a letter saying, "I wish you can go to my graduation. That's the best gift that your ever gonna give me." That's when I surprised her at Chicago, Illinois. I was with her dad. I met her dad first before (Laughs) Roxanne: Yeah! My dad was there Mark: ...Before her. And then we saw each other Roxanne: And then I got star-strucked! (Laughs) I was like, I said, "You looked very different from the picture." Yeah, when I first saw you, I was star-strucked. I was like, "Oh wow, he's so handsome," I said. And then, there, I was surprised I didn't expect that um, that he's going to come, To my graduation. And then I was expecting that um, That you had a placard like this! Mark: So that you can see me? And then after that, we were only together for 7 hours She went to a different... Where was it? Roxanne: A School To your A School Yeah... And then I went back to New York We were doing long-distance again. I didn't know there were only gonna give us 7 hours. So Yeah, he picked me up as in He carried my 60 pound sea bag. And then he dropped me off the airport. Mark: We didn't know when we'll see each other again. Roxanne: Mm. As long as We told each other that this is it. We will keep in touch. Roxanne: No you asked me, "So what now?" Mark: So what now Mark: I thought we were already together Roxanne: You thought we were together but I never said yes yet, right? Mark: Yeah Roxanne: And then when I was about to go, That's when I told him, "Yes!" And he was surprised and he asked "Yes what?" He said. Mark: And then she hugged me before she went inside the airplane. Roxanne: Yeah You were crying baba Mark: Yeah, I was crying. Roxanne: There were tears in your eyes, at that time. And then After a while, she had vacation time After her A school, for 30 days in Califonia. Roxanne: Yeah Mark: And then I said This is my chance to see her again. I followed her to California. Her command said she's going to be destined to Okinawa Which is... Her parents-- Her mom is there in Okinawa I said, "I'm happy for you" because She has someone there. Your family. And when she was here in Okinawa, I visited her there... For two months? I had to become a citizen. An American citizen so that Roxanne: It took so long! Mark: It took long, we waited for 6 months for that. And then After that, I got tired. I said, I don't want to keep visiting. Keep going to vacation after vacation, I said. I'm going to propose to her soon. So what happened is We bought a ticket and it was her turn to visit me in New York. She visited me there and then At the Gantry Plaza you can see You can see the whole Manhattan view. I hired a papparazzi, a photographer-- He was my friend, she didn't know And then, It was so cold. Like, So cold! Because it was winter. Roxanne: And then his friend He was like a ninja. He had a mask on and everything. Mark: So that she wouldn't notice. Roxanne: And then I told you, "He keeps taking a picture of us!" Mark: I told her to ignore it. And then he proposed. He kneeled down He kneeled down, and I was like, "What are you doing?" Mark: I proposed to her. Roxanne: And then he showed me... The ring. And that's when I said yes. And then we got married in California. We flew to California, going back and forth. And then There. That's where we got married.

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mark & rox prenup

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