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Yanbian Red Cross

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Our full time staff How many did we have? one or two, or three Now we have seven or eight tomorrow we are going to visit longjing. longjing only had two staff we give longjing NorCross project in 2005 only two people, no office after 2005, after they got this project now they have 4 office rooms and one warehouse, 6 staff very strong, this longjing county last week there was a National Seminar on OD workshop participants visited longjing we took them there. 100+ counties 18 provinces 200+ people. They were impressed. They said they learnt a lot. worthwhile to visit. totally from village to township to county the county Red Cross, I should say longjing Red Cross has two teams one is staff, one is volunteer their volunteer committee has an office and many people working for volunteer committee the committee has many sub-groups many sub-groups every year the groups carry out many activities for example, they have sport games Their volunteer games this year just finished not long ago. The spectators told me, They said Red Cross is doing better than the Sport Authority It's been years since the Sport Authority organised such event. Our volunteer committee made a better one. all teams from townships and communities had ceremony with flags and uniforms many games. wow very exciting very good. haha Another example, Longjing has a red cross performance group to do performance every year they organise a performance at the biggest theatre every community and township will send performers, they are all volunteers wow, the effect is very big their performance and sport games, I participated, and gave speech they are very creative. haha another example, the flood donation this year now the prefecture government newpaper still has it. even today. the paper says "prefecture government authorizes" "Charity Federation to accept donation" "donation account: the account of Charity Federation" They are authorised. So you Red Cross should stop. But even in this situation. prefecture government this situation, the donation we received is more than Charity Federation. Now we have got 30 million They only got 20 million That is to say, after several years' NorCross project Red Cross is well established in people's heart accountability, visibility, etc.

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Posted by: mrliuhao on Aug 23, 2010

Mr. Yi Bin, Vice President of Yanbian Red Cross talks about the changes in the past 6 years.

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