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Hi, this is the guide that includes important information about human trafficking, how to avoid being human trafficked, and if you are involved in human trafficking, what you should do. According to the definition on Wikipedia, human trafficking is the trade of humans for the purpose of forced labor, sexual slavery or commercial sexual exploitation for the traffickers or others. This may encompass providing a spouse in a context of forced marriage, or the extractions of organs or tissues. Human trafficking seems to be unimaginable but it indeed happens. If you are involved in human trafficking, here are something you can do: First, you should keep in mind that at most time, human traffickers have a group, and they are not alone when they approach to you. Try not to directly fight with them, because you are the target that they deliberately select. And they have experience. Second, if you are in the downtown cities, try to catch attention from the crowd. But sometimes human traffickers will pretend to be your relatives or friends, and have already prepared an acceptable answer to the surrounding people. If you find the situation is controlled by them, be cautious. You can shout out in the public or break some public facility in an emergency, to catch attention from the security guard. Third, if you ask the others for help, please direct your request to specific person, and please specify that they are human traffickers. Otherwise, some people might accept the statement by human traffickers before and believe it is a dispute inside your family. Finally, if you are really controlled or kidnapped, please do not give up. Here is National Human Trafficking Hotline in the U.S., and also a full list of some other countries. Find your place and remember it. Human trafficking is rare, but when it really happens to you, it's hard to escape. We never want it really happens, so here are some tips about how you can avoid being involved in human trafficking. First, if possible, try not to hang out by yourself in any isolated areas during the night. Second, if you are young students, please tell your parents or friends where you are going, let at least some people know where you are. Third, if you encounter any strangers who are trying to talk with you, do not tell them your personal information. They will use your personal information to manipulate your conversation (as their strategy). Fourth, if possible, equip yourself with some necessary self-defense items like stun gun, pepper spray, or alarm, just in case. Fifth, if you are parents, please inform your kids some basic understanding of human trafficking in their words. And please be careful of looking after your kids if you are travelling in other cities or countries, which you are not familiar with. There are many small electric items equipped with GPS for children, get one for your kids if possible. Human trafficking is a crime that seriously offends human rights and personal property. If you are interested in this social problem, and willing to make some contributions, you can google "how to prevent human trafficking", there are much more information and ways you could do some efforts, preventing the demand side of the human trafficking, and bringing public awareness to the issue.

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Help Guide of Human trafficking

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