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[AI Business School] >>Harry Shum: I have been in the field of AI for a long time and it really is an exciting time with so much opportunity. In the tech industry, we think a lot about the disruption. With every new weave of technology, companies come and they go. And, what I tell my team is that if you don't control the change, it will control you. This is why AI is so exciting, It has the potential to disrupt everything, every business every industry. The key is anticipating what's ahead and the turning the change into your advantage. We are already starting to see AI come to life in amazing ways like helping farmers produce enough food for growing global population or helping businesses like yours better connect with customers. So, why is AI now on the fast track? Three important trends are driving innovation. First, big data. Incredible amounts of data are being generated in our homes, our cars our cities and across every business and the industry. Second, massive competing power especially through the cloud is now available to process the huge amount of data and the power complex algorithms. Third, breakthrough algorithms. Computers can now be trained to accomplish more and more sophisticated tasks on their own with [AI Business School] deep learning and the reinforcement learning algorithms. At the Microsoft, our research in the product teams are deeply invested in this areas to help bring AI to more companies. We started investing AI over 25 years ago in Microsoft research. In fact, the first three groups in MSR were natural language processing, speech, and the computer vision. Today, the pace at which AI breakthroughs are coming is really quite unbelievable. Problems that looked unsolvable only a few years ago are solvable now. I am very proud that many of the most notable advances in AI are coming from our research labs around the world. We were the first to achieve human parity in specific scenarios in computer vision, speech recognition, machine reading comprehension, and the machine translation. The ability for computers to see, hear and to speak like humans is incredibly important. Imagine a computer that could see manufacturing defects monitor warehouses for safe practices or provide imaging diagnosis for health care providers. Consider how you could use customer voice technology to expand your brand and to connect with customers or use devices and applications to build a more incrusive work place. What if you could use machine reading comprehension to quickly review documents and how could you use machine translation capability to connect with customers and to bring people together while reaching through human parity will take a long time. Many of this scenarios are possible today and the many more are coming every day, but what I am most excited about is our ability to bring this breakthroughs to the products and services that people use everyday. Our goal is to empower people and the developers are a great example. We know that not every developer is an AI developer. At least not yet, this is why we pioneered AI as a service developers can take what we have learned across vision, speech, knowledge and the language and apply it to their own business scenarios. We have over 1 million developers using cognitive services tapping into the largest set of tribute and customizable AI services that can be trained with your own data. By 2025, 95% of all customer interactions will be through bots, that's why over 300,000 developers are creating digital agents with Azure Bot Service. Empowering a vibrant ecosystem of developers who can utilize the latest AI breakthroughs in the easiest way possible is the call focus for us and you can expect to see much more innovation coming from us in the months ahead. AI is enabling incredible innovation. By 2020, 85% of the enterprises will be using AI, every business process and every industry will be transformed by AI just as software became a key competitive driver for companies, AI will enable companies of all sizes to go faster and achieve more. We are excited about what you will do with AI and we are excited to be on this journey with you.

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