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Rising Voices video interview with Ghaidaa-al-absi

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Rising Voices (Interview with Ghaida'a al Absi) You are a gender activist, would you explain what you do as part of your activism work? Right now I am working at the SOUL Organization for Women and Children Development And I am also... doing some voluntary works with them.. to make some training sessions for the (Yemeni) girls Who are attending this organization I am also.. you can say that I am an activist.... .a volunteer with the Yemeni Observatory for Human Rights and founder & coordinator of Hand in hand Initiative Its a group of young people.... Tell us about your target participants My target participants are the activists and politician women in Yemen I have chosen them because... I say that..these women in Yemen fit the category... Have you prepared your curricula? What will they cover? I think that I need some things to add to it like RSS and.. e-advocacy..because I need not just to teach them how to create blogs but.. also how to use it in e-advocacy.. That's why I want to add these to the curriculum... What are the infrastructural challenges regarding access to computers and internet in Yemen? There is no easy access to high speed internet in Yemen... So I am looking for training halls in Yemen that has... ..enough pcs with internet access and at the same time.. Speed.. so.. that is the thing which will be a challenge for me... What do you expect from the Rising Voices Community? To provide me with other resources and e-advocacy.. And how to use Rss... That's what I need..and expect from Rising Voices

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Duration: 2 minutes and 23 seconds
Country: Yemen
Language: English
Producer: Rezwan
Director: Sami Ben Gharbia
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Posted by: rezwan on Apr 7, 2009

In collaboration with the Hand in Hand Initiative, Ghaida’a al-Absi will organize a new media training course for female politicians, activists, and human right workers in order to bring a new perspective to the Arabic-language blogosphere and to build an online network of Yemeni gender activists.

The deteriorating status of women’s rights in Yemen is frequently documented and discussed, but rarely do women themselves take part in those discussions. By reaching out to NGO’s and political parties throughout Yemen al-Absi aims to change that.

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