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Case Study - Theresa_Final

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>> Hi. It's great to have you back. As usual, we're going to start off each module with a brief case study. Be on the lookout for an accompanying post in the Facebook group coming up pretty soon. This week, we'll meet our third and final case study, Teresa. Teresa is a 42-year-old female who decided to try health coaching because she knew that her chronic state of stress affects her eating habits, but she doesn't know what to do about it. Teresa is thin and says that she doesn't want to lose weight, but she doesn't like how she looks and wants to look more "fit" and toned. In her Health History, you learned that Teresa works as a news anchor for a local TV station. She does the early morning news show, so she has to wake up around 3:30am every morning, which means she has to go to bed really early. Sleep is very important to her, but she often doesn't sleep well. Teresa is recently divorced and her family lives all over the country. She wishes she saw them more often, especially her sister who she rarely sees or talks to due to her crazy schedule. Her mother and sister both have diabetes and her father has high blood pressure. Teresa says she's ready to start dating again but doesn't have any time. Teresa tries to be very fitness-focused and she usually takes boot camp style classes after work. By the time she gets home, she has no energy to cook, so she usually gets takeouts. She rarely eats breakfast, and she doesn't always stop for lunch. Some days, she doesn't eat until around 3:00pm, and as a result, she's ravenous in the evening. Headaches are common for her and her periods are irregular. Teresa avoids sugar, but she can't curb her cravings for spicy food, even if it results in terrible heartburn. We'll continue to learn more about Teresa throughout the course and we'll return to her in a few weeks. After you finish Module 3, we encourage you to return to this case study and try applying some material. Keeping this course material in mind, where could you start with Teresa? What high-mileage questions might bring greater awareness to any thought or behavior patterns? What information or language does she use that stands out to you? What areas of her Circle of Life might be less present right now? And how might you incorporate the relationships between stress and eating into your Integrative Nutrition health coaching? Be thinking of your answers as we move forward. I look forward to seeing you soon. Bye for now.

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Case Study - Theresa_Final

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