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Sita Sings the Blues (Full Movie 720p) Part 5 / 10

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But my question is, were they monkeys? Because they actually- They could fly- not monkeys, um from what I understand they're actually different from monkeys Like from what I understand monkeys are one species and then, the Vanars were another species. They were half man, half monkey. OK. Because they had tails though. Correct. But they're not... Like, yeah. I definitely think the tail and the... They were half... they were definitely half monkey, if not more. Yeah but that's what the army was. Because otherwise they were these two brothers, they didn't have any army These two brothers and then all of Sugriv's big army, all the... The Vanar Sena. The Vanar Sena, right. Hanuman! Assemble the Monkey Warriors. We shall cross the sea to Lanka and rescue Sita. Yes, my Lord. We march at once! Who's that knockin'? Don't stand outside there, come on in here! I just had a sort of feeling this morning something good was gonna happen today Now there comes a sound without any warning I just know it's good luck coming my way! Goodness gracious, can it be? Someone's coming back to me Who's that knocking at my door? I've been waiting oh so long, I'll just die if I'm wrong Who's that knocking at my door? I know it can't be the mailman, the coal man, the ice man, they've been here today can't be the grocer, the butcher, the baker, they don't knock that way If my sweetie's there outside, my arms and my heart are open wide Who's that knocking at my door? Me oh my, my oh me, guess I'm having company Who's that knocking at my door? See the time? Eight O'Clock. Sounds like a familiar knock Who's that knocking at my door? I know it can't be the milk man, the gas man, the bread man, who always collects I hope that it isn't that butter and egg man, who writes out those checks? If it's my sweet used-to-be, gonna lock him in, lose the key Who's that knocking at my door? Can't be the plumber, the peddler, the parlor, cause I've paid those bills I hope that it isn't the doctor, the dentist, they can't cure my ills If it's someone that I've known, gonna make him feel at home Who's that knocking at my door? That's all! Dave! mmm, oh Dave! We're in India. No kissing in public. Let me take your bag. Well, here you are. Good night.

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Duration: 5 minutes and 20 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: Many people participated! Full list here
Director: Nina Paley
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Posted by: medea on Jun 22, 2009

Sita Sings the Blues, by Nina Paley

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