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HOM 11 - Life designed like the Essence of the Machine by Sirians and Annunaki

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: History of Mankind 11 - The Sirians and Systems (Jack) This is Jack again, Ok So I was explaining about, who was all involved and first- then it was first only Anu, Enlil, and Enki, and Marduk Ok so, now they had the brain and the eyes, were looking perfectly fine then they have another situation the physical form, if you want to call it a physical form the form they, in the vessel they developed didn't have to sustain itself, in this world it was cool by itself So they thought, you know: We've got it now, we've got the design this is what we need, perfect! so they went: Ok and they prepare themselves, Anu said: Ok, let me 'walk' in, Anu walked in he said: It's not working (no) he can 'see' through it he can "experienced" it, but he can't "actually" Move! it So, he said: What now? and they pondered, they looked at the whole situation, and the Atlanteans were stumped, for a moment and- they looked at the situation three Atlanteans, and Anu and said: Ok, what now? Anu again, went- book- to the book of Ani, and Anu went into an interesting thing, the forefathers- were mainly the book of 'Ani', comes from a- from a, 'female' expression in in- in existence Ani, was the 'first' manifestation, of the Annunaki 'race' - itself and she was the one who asked the questions, of: Where do I come from? and how does everything worked? and then after she asked those questions many after her- which is the first, 'race' if you want to call it of the Annunaki that some of them asking questions: Where the book of Ani comes from? and- so he went back, then he said: Ok, now what? and he realized that, in the book of Ani, it is said there that they didn't "know" exactly how they were going to walk into a "form" like this and manifest themselves in a 'separated form' because everyone play with manifestations then because in terms it's- it's an interesting It's fascinating! manifesting yourself, manifesting a different "form" within which you're able to walk "into", and then walk around and so, along came none other, than the Sirians at this point, of time and they said the following: You, require 'something' Inside, this physical fo- 'in this form', in this vessel, ok? so that this vessel sustains itself so that you don't have to sustain it, but you can just walk in and, "powered" it meaning: take it over as a, as a force, as that which makes it 'move' an 'essence' of a, and he said: It is like an essence of a machine and of course Anu didn't understand: What you mean by "machines"? but Sirians themselves were were were- very much in machine like, development and forms, their- their planet was also very, sys- 'system like' and that's how basically they- worked in their envi- or existed on their planets, they had manifestations of 'machines' and they were that, which powered and 'moved' them, accordingly they said: That's what you need inside it Anu said: Ok, well how? is this going to work? do we 'really need to do that'? because I just need to find a, "point" where I'm able to just "walk in" and move "this form", because it's not working and he said: Trust me put in 'something', that has to be sustained itself, and then you! can walk into that and just be, like like- that 'essence' that I said which powers that system inside it he says: Well Why must it be that way because "I'm not that", you know, I don't look like that I am 'Here', completely one and he said: We will do the following, remember you are! 'walking' into something you are not 'that something', that form you're not that what you're putting in there so you need something, which 'becomes' that, which is one with that so you just become that "one point" even if it's just in the- in the "brain" that 'activates' it and then it starts moving and then Anu went: Ah ha! That! could just work So, that's where- this- the Sirians and- who was also involved? you know Firstly only the Sirians they started developing the 'systems' that, which- assisted 'this form', to sustain itself in this on this planet Now where do they get their ideas from? the Sirians- manifested themselves mechanically 'Systematically' from their planet in their world in other words, basically what they did was they 'placed' that, which- that Anu, and then themselves, consisted of and existed as into a physical manifested system form so, what they did was, they connected then, the brain- area the eyes, was one placement all along the spine so, if you have this skeleton, and then placed in like a metallic system, inside it which was, penetrated like a 'pin' inside the 'center' of this skeleton also 'around' the skeleton, so that! was basically the foundation of the system, ok? and then you had- they all did that was that at the center point, inside the brain area it was just like an 'antenna', ok? Now that! was the point, which would 'activate' this (face) entire- 'form' to move, to sustain itself, and 'you are that' which makes this form 'think'! that which makes this form 'do'! that which moves this form accordingly that which makes this form "speak", that's you but you're not the form Oh so I was explaining yah, so, in the form 'itself' I don't know if I've covered this, but I will cover it again! if it's necessary Probably if you've asked whe- the question of where the form "itself", derived from? so the form itself (smile) is sound (right) the form itself was developed from sound, and frm- Ok I'll- cover that in my next interview thanks Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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History of Man 11 - Life designed like the Essence of the Machine by Sirians and Annunaki

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