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Ik was een misleide 9/11 Truther (waarheidszoeker)

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Hey, folks. Eddy Current here. Not in character as evidenced by the hat. And the shirt. I want to thank you for letting me get some things of my chest this week about 9/11. I've been fascinated by the 9/11 truth movement for a number of years. And I think that's because I used to be a Thruther. I'm dead serious about this. It didn't last for long but for a brief while I was totally into that shit. I read all the websites. I looked at all of the 'evidence'. I watched all the videos. In fact, this particular video convinced me That 7 World Trade Centre was brought down in a secret controlled demolition. But then I started asking myself a few questions. For example, how did this busy office building got raked with demolition charges without anybody noticing and then how did the demolition charges survive 7 hours of uncontrolled office fires on 9/11. only to set off in perfect synchronisation which apparently is the only condition under which the thruthers can imagine the building falling in the manner that it did. Well it wasn't long before I realised that this is all bullshit. I mean complete, total weapons grade bullshit. We're talking prosperity gospel level bullshit here. I mean, the mere fact that conspiracy websites almost never show you The 8 seconds of slow, catastrophic, asymmetrical internal progressive collapse which is plainly observable in the full length CBS video if you just watch it. Now, in stead they show you this video and they say that it was a perfectly synchronized and symmetrical collapse. Which should you give some idea where they're coming from. But anyway. Since then I've been asking myself, What was I thinking In that brief delusion that I was suffering. And, I'll tell you what I was thinking. I was probably thinking something like "You know, I find it very hard to believe that a building could fall that way completely on its own." That's the kind of thing that people say. But then I realized, you know, the fact that I am personally astonished by what happened, given my extensive professional experience of 47 stories towers collapsing does not have any bearing on the reality of the event itself. It's like: a lot of people find it hard tot believe that we have evolved from fishes. And, quite frankly, in our little human heads that is hard to imagine. But that personal astonishment does not change the fact that biological evolution happens. And now I'm not gonna say, "Checkmate!" But I realise that any time we say that we cannot imagine something happening, well, the only thing that that demonstrates is our own small-mindedness. Our inability to see beyond our own little sphere of human-scale existence. It's like: "Oh, it doesn't see right to my horse sense!" Maybe if we're taking about huge sky-scrapers falling out of the sky, horse sense is horse shit. You know the thruter arguments they don't even qualify as intellectual dishonesty They're more like: hanging out in the parking lot at Hooters dishonesty. It's like, "You know, they' didn't test for explosives, what about that?" Yeah well, they also didn't test for termites, but that doesn't prove that they should have called Terminix. But it seems that that is all the truth they've had. What about this, what about that? You know, what about Larry Silverstein? What about the fire proofing? What about NORAD? And then of course mysteries of free fall, what about that? It's like being on an aeroplane and the guy next you goes: "You know, I find it very hard to believe that this plane just took off all by itself. I mean, what about the weight of the luggage? What about the wind resistance in the air outside? What about the wings being so short? And they're level, the wings don't even go up like this. Haven't you ever put out your hand out of a car window? What about the cockpit being sealed shut? What are they hiding up there? Why haven't they released the flight recorder? Captain emits autopilot, there you go. Anyway, thanks very much. Bye.

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Posted by: ridelo on Sep 15, 2011

Een half komisch - maar bloedserieus - verslag van mijn pijnlijke aanraking met de Truth-beweging. (Zie ook mijn video Building 7 Explained.) Als ik meer video's in deze stijl ga maken, zullen ze waarschijnlijk op mijn oude standup-kanaal te zien zijn. Bedankt voor het kijken.

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