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Ruta de Esperanza en Color (Road of Hope in Color)

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Dear Friends welcome to my art exposition Road of Hope in Color I wish I would be there among you, but my doctor has forbidden me to travel for sure, he is afraid that I am going to upset Santiago -- Well, seriously, this prohibition is as a result of too many medicines, I am suffering a peripheral neurophaty And from time to time I have to hold on sharp pains on my arms, hands and legs they are like attacks, so I really know that noone of you would wish to be close to me when this happens. I would like to thank to the Professional Diplomats of Chile whose president is Hon. Mr. Francisco Devia and to the Arturo López Pérez Foundation for there support To the collaborating businessmen of this initiative To the doctors that have kept me alive To my family, to the friends that have been there when it was needed. This art show, for me is, a dream come true, a dream of hope and love, and now, together, is the testimony of the experiences that as oncological patient I have had surpassing The art is without doubts, an ally, powerful ally that motivates and allows to channel the emotions. The canvas and the paintbrush are confidants of our anguishes, our troubles, fears, pain, and they express the power, the love and the desire to live. Today I can tell that I am a cancer sourvivor I won a battle and I wish each one of you to recall, remember the dreams of your childhood and if they are still there waiting for you to make them come true do it, make them come true dont wait to be too old or ill to enjoy. Also, I ask you to make come true the dream that can help so many patients through the establishment of a workshop of art in each regional hospital in the country. Cheers to Life! and a kind hug to each one of you (showing a poster that tells: "I am a 79 yr. old sourvivor, If I could, you can do it, keep strong")

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Duration: 4 minutes and 12 seconds
Country: Chile
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Genre: None
Producer: Falcon Producciones
Director: Ruta de Esperanza en Color
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Posted by: milimar on Nov 1, 2011

The Road of Hope in Color, consists of 28 oil paintings on canvas, 12 of which were painted from February to August 2011 over the treatment of six sessions of chemotherapy of a patient diagnosed with cancer in December 2010, prof. Mrs. Dora Formas. This initiative has the purpose -among others- to motivate the Chilean authorities to create by law an art workshop for each regional hospital along the country, improving thus the Public Health System

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