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Inside the human body

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The incredible journey of live, from birth through infancy childhood, puberty adulthood and the slow maturity to old age This is the story of our lives from the unique prospective, deep inside our bodies this is the journey of a human life from the outside in A foetus develops in the womb it is an astonishing forty weeks journey from a single cell to a baby ready to be born Its body is a miracle of microscopic design tiny perfectly formed organism each made up of billions of perfectly functioning cells These cells are the building blocks of our bodies They makes us what we are a hundred thousand billion cells all working in harmony Inside every cell is the same extraordinay engine the machine tells each cell how to grow and what function to perform DNA is unique to every person a chemical blueprint of instructions that creates each new life This baby is ready to enter the world A new born person whose journey is about to begin The journey starts with the challenge breath or die These lungs have never breathed before they are still full of amniotic fluid they protected them for nine long months The new born is in danger of trauming then the body keeps into survival mode the adrenal glands right above the kidneys, send adrenalin it shocks the lungs into life muscle we need to breath suddenly start to spread and we take our first breath It´s the most important breath of our lives The first of seven hundred million Our lungs will punt air every single second as long as we live Air rushes down the wind pipe down thousands of branching tubes and into nearly thirty million tiny air sacs the alveoli these air sacs pull oxygen into our blood and pump out the carbon dioxide we exhale with every breath and they do it non stop for eighty years At the moment of birth, everything changes the physical link between mother and baby is broken for the first time the first hour brings rapid change all the baby´s organs have to adapt to to life outside the womb it´s a challenging and risky time

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Posted by: gemag on Nov 4, 2015

Un viaje fascinante por el interior del cuerpo humano

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