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Harnessing the Power of Intention in Your Life

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Hi. My name is Lynne McTaggart. I'm author of "The Field" and "The Intention Experiment." Lots of people are talking about the power of intention particularly with Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" and its discussion of mind over matter and the power of the mind. And the general feeling is that intention is just a matter of having a power of thought. If we just have that thought, once a day, that will manifest all sorts of things from a new car, to a new job, to a new life. The problem is, it's just not so, according to the science. The science shows us that we're actually sending out energy at every moment. And we're beaming this out, and it's like another conversation below the conversations we have. We know that it's highly contagious, that the thoughts we have can affect the glands of other people around us and actually cause an upset in the number of natural killer cells in our bodies. the kinds of cells that kill things like cancer. We know that there is an enormous ripple effect of any good or bad thought we have. That positive thoughts are contagious, and negative thoughts are contagious too. So, how do you harness this, and make it deliberate and intentional? How do you stop having those constant judgments those mendacious thoughts we have all day? How do we stop them from becoming our life's intention? I've been studying with a lot of so called intention masters Chi Gong masters, master healers, Buddhist monks, and they've all convinced me that there are a number of techniques they use that turn the negative into the positive. I've found by distilling some of their ideas, that you can defuse the most negative environment around you. That you can use intention, not simply to manifest "stuff," but also to heal. In a special teleseminar, I'm going to share with you some of the secrets I've discovered when running Intention workshops around the world. We've used what I like to call "The Power of 8," the power of small groups who come together and send healings to each other. And we've discovered incredible results, not just with the recipients, but with the senders too. I've found there is an enormous power with small and large groups that amplifies the effect, and can create a ripple of healing. So join me for this special teleseminar, and learn to harness intention in your own life but also harness it for the greater good, in your neighborhood, in your country, in the world. Thank you!

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A brief description by Lynne McTaggart.

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