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Ring Bead Counting Math Activity For Preschool and Kindergarten

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Hi, I'm Shelley Lovett. We're Today, I want to share with you ring bead counting. This is a great activity from math. And, it is also quite relaxing to play with these. And, what you need to have are rings, book rings, or mail rings. This is usually used for loose-leaf paper. When you want to attach the ring to the loose-leaf paper, or you use one of these. And, you can also book these rings. And, you can find them on Amazon, any office supply stores, Walmart has some, eBay has some. And, this is for large size. And, I've found that using pony beads which is what we have used here, you could use whatever you would like, but, pony beads work really well for this activity. You can fit about 20 pony beads in these rings. And, I have also on these rings, I have a little wood, round wood beads on here. And, I have written a number on each of those beads. And, then I put the same number of beads, of pony beads that I have on the number of the beads, so that they all match. I usually have them set out in some kind of a bowl. And, I'll try to just pick one up, and, this is the number 7. And, here. And, so they have to count the 7 beads. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. But, they'd love to play with these! They'd love to move these back... these beads, back and forth... ...and here. And, when they deal with that they would just set that aside. And, they would do another one! And, here we have the number 11 on here. And, they would just do the same. We'd just do the same thing, and count the beads that they have. And, herein they'll just continue until they've gone through all of the book rings. It's really just kind of an easy, relaxing activity to work, for children to work on one-to-one correspondence in number review... their recognition and review on here! Do you want us to show you how to open these rings? On here the ring we have to pull them apart. You can feel this right here. You have to kind of lift it up, pull it, and then they slide open. And then you'll put the beads on those and close it back up by lifting up and just kind of pushing down the gap. And, they are pretty secure. Of course, you'd do want to use caution that. Because you are using beads for children, 3 and during those young ages, having the habit of putting small items in their mouths, you'd want to use supervision with this activity. These shouldn't pop open, but sometimes they probably can if a child is, you know, moving it back and forth, and wiggling in this part here. So, please use supervision. Again, just a great math activity to do. If you have not, please subscribe to my you tube videos. Please do so, so that you can know when our new videos are released. And, also please sign up for my free weekly newsletter at And, if you like the materials and the ideas presented in these videos, please like, comment and share, as always, your support is truly appreciated. For Metal Bead Counting, I am Shelley Lovett. For Ring Bead Counting, I am sorry. I am Shelley Lovett with And, thanks for watching.

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Ring Bead Counting Math Activity For Preschool and Kindergarten

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