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The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

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[screaming kid] Listen to me, Burt. Nobody likes you. Nobody will ever like you. Welcome to the amazing world of magic. Wow. [laughing] Everyone loves a magician. And they'll love you too. (Burt) Do you wanna be my partner? (Anton) More than anything! ♪ [Steve Miller - Abracadabra] I'm Burt Wonderstone. And I'm Anton Marvelton. But of course, you already knew that! ♪ Abra-abracadabra ♪ [crickets] Your tickets sales suck. [laughing] What? ♪ [LMFAO Sexy and I know it] Steve Gray - they're calling him the future of magic. They guy's a magician? He doesn't even have a costume. ♪ Girl look at that body ♪ (Steve) I'm sure you've seen people walk on hot coals . But I doubt you've seen anyone spend the night on red hot coals. [crowd murmurs] [scream] ♪ I'm sexy and I know it ♪ You need to do something fresh. (Burt) So this is where old entertainers go to die. (woman) Um-hum. And some not so old. (Burt) May I see that for a minute? Watch this. What have you done! (Burt) I'm a magician. I should have explained that to you earlier. You're Rance Holloway. I had your magic kit as a kid. (Rance) I'll give you your money back. What you're feeling right now - that's why you became a magician. (Burt) How did you do that? It's partially de-boned. [cooing] (Burt) What you do - it's not magic. (Steve) It's natural for a dying leaf to be frightened by autumn wind. Your skin makes me cry. (Burt) We need some sort of grand illusion. (reporter) You and Burt Wonderstone plan to stay in the box the entire week? (Antone) I can't breathe! (Burt) It's only been 20 minutes. Aaah! This is the best trick ever! ♪ [Pitbull - Mr. Worldwide] ♪ Why you think they call me Mr. Worldwide ♪ (announcer) For 12 days he's held his urine. What is going through your mind? I really have to pee, Richard. (Rance) Time for my final disappearing act. (woman) Where did he go? (Burt) He has gone to a better place. Goodbye Rance. (woman, whispering) He's under the bed. (Burt) I know. [Captions by Captionwire]

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