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The Vaticans Colossal Wealth

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The Vatican rules over approximately 2 billion of the world's 6.1 billion people. The colossal wealth of the Vatican includes enormous investments with the Rotschields in Britain, France and USA and with giant oil and weapons corporations like Shell and General Electric. The Vatican's solid gold bullion worth billions is stored with the Rotschield controlled bank of England and the US Federal Reserve bank. The catholic church is the biggest financial power, wealth accumulator and property owner in existence. Possessing more material wealth than any bank, corporation, giant trust or government anywhere on the globe. The pope, who is the visible ruler of this colossal global wealth is one of the richest man on Earth. While two thirds (2/3) of the world earn less than two dollars a day and one fifth of the world is underfed or starving to death, The Vatican hordes the world's wealth profits from it on the stock market and at the same time preaches about giving. How did the Pope and Vatican accumulated all that wealth over the millennium. One method was to put a price tag on sin. Many bishops and popes actively marketed guilt, sin and fear for profit, by selling indulgences. Worshipers were encouraged to pre-pay for sin they had not yet committed. And get pardon ahead of time. Those who did not paid up, risked eternal damnation and Satan's oven. Pope Leo III rebuilt Saint Peter's basilica selling tickets out of hell and tickets to heaven. During the dark ages the catholic church not only horded the wealth they collected from the poor, but horded knowledge. They kept the masses ignorant and in the dark by denying them a basic education.

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Posted by: janofano on May 4, 2010

Short, but shocking revealing of "saint city"...

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