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Divorce Mediation - Divorce Helpline

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mediation, what is mediation? is it right for you? the advantages to mediation are tremendous cost savings privacy and control over your case mediation is different than litigation because it leaves the power to make decisions in the client hands what we do with mediation is we bring people together and we try to come up with creative options for the many issues that come up in a family law case and then once we have agreed on all of the issues in the case we can put all of your agreements together and we present those to the court and the court rubber stamps that as opposed to litigated case where you take your issues before the judge and the judge decides how things should go in your case what people can expect in a mediation process are a more hands-on approach a private approach where you are in a room with the facilitator mediator that listens to you and actually takes into consideration each party is concerned and tries to address those concerns in order to reach the best settlement possible for all concerned a common misconception about mediation is that people have to be in control of their case before they come into mediation but that's really not possible how could you possibly know what the issues are until you have spoken to somebody we never push people to finish their case at a in a particular time line however if you were to go by the courts timeline you are are strictly managed by the court's calendar where as in mediation were much more flexible in our scheduling

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Divorce Mediation - Divorce Helpline

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