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Hi, I've got a quick question: What are you studying? Information and Media Technology What do you want to do later in life? In which direction do you want to go? Oh my God, perhaps into the video technology or audio technology branch, but Everything is still open. What do you study? Architecture And in what area would you like to go into later in life? I haven't.. actually thought... at the moment I work for a construction company, which means I work practically and that's what I'm best at but I'm not really sure if that's my dream... Town and Regional planning What do you want to do with that degree later? That's a good question, we've just been thinking about that, you've really caught us at the wrong moment... And is that your dream job, or not ...? Yes. atleast it was until today...! I study physics. What do you want to do with physics later on in life? Uh ... go into research, if I can. What are you studying? Culture and technology. and what do you want to work as with that degree? No idea! me? I'm a painter and decorator. And that's your dream job? Yes, Yes, it's fun I did an apprenticeship to become a saleswoman. But as a child my dream job was actually to become a locksmith. My brothers were locksmiths And then I was fanatical But, of course, my parents did not allow that What did you study or train to become? me? Machine-fitter. And that was your dream job, oder would you rather have done something else? I just thought erm well I'll wait with the Masters degree and back then that was how you earnt your money. Because of that they're cutting my pension. What did you study or train to become? Book dealer and antiquarian. And you've worked worked in this job or have you...? From 1910 until today. And that was your dream job? Yes. What about you? Yes, I trained to beome a travel agent, But I've never really worked in this branch... Done diffeent things, studied different things... and for the time being I've got the kids, we'll see what happens later. I've got a degree in sports science and you're practising this profession or...? I no longer work as a sports scientist, that was back in GDR times and now I'm responsible for this center here, for the spray-gallery. And is this now a dream job from you, or would you still like to do something completely different? No, it's my dream job. So incredibly interesting, incredibly diverse, every day something new ... glorious. I'm studying mechanical engineering. And what do you want to do with this degree later on? I'd like to work as a vehichle technician. Yes, for Audi would be the best. Something big. What are you studying? Industrial Engineering. And what are plans for later in life? In which direction would you like to go? I am going to go into marketing management. What are you studying? And what do you want to do later on? I'm going to go back to my home in the Ukraine and hopefullyy I'll geta good job. What are you studying? Industrial Engineering. And that's you as your dream job, right? Nope. Then what is your dream job? Well, I do not know yet. It's only after you've studied and have started to work that you realise in which direction you want to go.

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Posted by: mmelluish on Sep 2, 2011

Umfrage für Traumberufe

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