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Nanotecnologia en el hogar

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every day to do this everyday gesture unknowingly we are using nanotech most have nanoparticles deodorants silver are responsible for removing bacteria that causes odor nanoparticles are also used the tennis balls to improve their properties and voting much better Nanotechnology is an emerging field of science focuses on very small scales The atoms and molecules these scales has known materials exhibit new properties and that makes many potential applications and surprising the sample is an initiative nanosupermercado Dutch which aims to show the impact that will have nanotechnology in our lives presents possible nanotech products that have been imagined by artists, scientists and designers for example, maybe in a few years can go to the supermarket to buy a bottle of wine any then once home to choose whether we want a foster or cabernet sauvignon or Ribera del Duero it is sufficient to put the wine a few seconds in a microwave for nanocapsules containing release their flavor and aroma properties the key is in the nanoparticles containing wine according to the combination of time and microwave power flavor is achieved or other maybe we can also change the colors of the walls of the house I just pressing a button a painting with nanoparticles allow us to choose if we want the room is green, blue or yellow nanotechnology may also give us a hand for makeovers or to have the fuller lips or take away the wrinkles of the eye comesura as if it were a kind of physical photoshop We could meet every day enough to go to the doctor once and a grid of magnetic nanoparticles implanted under the skin then at home we could adjust with a magnetic bar like this

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Posted by: limariz on Jul 20, 2014

diferentes uso d la nanotecnologia en el hogar

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