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MyKabbalah Lesson 3 mission 4 Engsmall

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Facing my Opponent Hi. In our previous mission, we continued building our Proactive Formula. In this mission, I'm going to guide you through a short visualization, that will help us to identify the voice of our opponent and allow us to express the voice of our soul. I want you to get comfortable, put your feet on the floor, your hands flat, and when you're ready, close your eyes. I want you to take a few deep breaths. Inhale and pause. As you inhale, allow the Light in. As you exhale, release the stress, the negativity and the opponent. Inhale and exhale. Breath in the Light - Exhale the negativity. I want you to imagine the last time you were very reactive. The last time you listened to your opponent. What was that situation like? Describe it in detail. Think about the words you said, the actions you took. And now, I want you to go back just before that moment, and this time pause. Now I want you to observe the voice of your opponent. Observe your fears that are triggered inside. Observe the jealousy, the anger, the insecurity, the laziness. All of these things that are running in our heads. These thoughts and these feelings they come from the opponent they create a jumble of chaos in our heads that makes us want to run to instant gratification. When I can recognize this. When I can observe the voice of the opponent. All of this lack, this void that wants to be filled Now I can take a minute and instead of filling that with being reactive, I fill that void with Light. Now I can think: What would I do differently? What would I say differently? How would I handle myself with the voice of my soul? Imagine yourself taking a completely different action this time. This time it's your choice. Feel the weight behind your decision. Feel the Light behind your decision. When you're ready, open your eyes. Let's recap Level 3. We learned that the Light created an energy intelligence, a force called the opponent that is there to challenge me at every opportunity. It's biggest tool is to make me think that it doesn't exist. It's there to give me an opportunity to earn the Light. Because when there are challenges in my life, I feel a lot more accomplished. Our rule for this level is overcoming the opponent is what really brings in lasting fulfillment. Our tool to overcome the opponent is observation, recognition, and resistance against that voice. For your Light work in this level, I want you to record all the times the opponent shows up throughout your day. Write down every time you are reactive. Every time you have a thought, words or feelings, actions that come out because of the opponent. The longer your list, the better because it means there is a lot more Light for your to reveal. Hey, we're halfway there. When you're ready, we'll see you in Level 4.

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