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Yael Yardeni 2015 Forecast

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[Yael Yardeni] So, happy new year, Gregorian year of 2015, to everybody, to everyone that's listening. And we wanted to give like a real quick bullet point for the whole year to come so everybody's on the same page, and we can prepare ourselves positively for the new year to come. So there are several events that are happening this year, which are very important for us to remember. Number one, end of December 2014, planet Saturn entered a new sign—a brand new sign— which is the sign of Sagittarius. After two very heavy and strong years in Scorpio, in which Saturn has basically tortured all the Scorpios and the Taurus, which are exactly 180 degrees from the Scorpios, and all the fixed signs were very, very challenged by the two past years. Now, Saturn is entering a mutable sign, which is the sign of Sagittarius, and now it's the turn of all the mutable signs to take responsibility. Saturn is about responsibility, it's about order, it's about teaching us things about our karma. We call it sometimes the master of the karma, the master of the tikkun, and it's forcing now all the mutable signs, which like very much changes in their lives, to be very responsible and more dramatic as well about their lives. So it's a brand new era. Saturn in Sagittarius will stay there for a little bit more than two years, will shortly go back a little bit to Scorpio, and then stay finally into Sagittarius. Very important, with Saturn in Sagittarius, it's a good time to consolidate our knowledge and our belief system, and it can be also a very tricky time for governments about, for instance, censor— or censoring information— or making information smaller than it could be or hiding even information. So we have to be extremely aware of communicating better with Saturn in Sagittarius or being very responsible as well with the effect that our communication is going to have on people. So that's the first—in a nutshell— the first event for this year. The second event started already in August with Jupiter entering Leo. Jupiter is a dramatic planet; it's now in a dramatic sign. Two dramas together— we are in for very many dramas in 2015, which means everything that's going to happen in 2015 is likely to take biblical proportion. So when we look into more details, we find that the winter of 2015 is actually excellent for planting seeds, for building plans for the year ahead, for making a brand new even belief systems for ourselves, so it's a fantastic, fantastic time to really plant as many seeds as we can. They are not going to come out during that winter. They will come out much later and bring fruits much later during the year. The season that's really key and problematic in 2015 is the spring because from April, and in April, we're going to have respectively a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse in the lunar month of Aries, and those eclipses are really difficult because when one of the stars cannot express itself, whether it be the sun or the moon— the sun is the character that we have, the sun is about the positive ego, the moon is about the emotional system— when those two take turns to have an eclipse, we already know that in a global level, we have to be a little bit more careful. Therefore, especially the month of Aries, of the spring, and all the spring, we need to be really conservative about the choices we make, and we know that in the Kabbalah, all of terror is connected to the sign of Aries and planet Uranus. Uranus is in Aries. The month of Aries is really, really very tricky. In order for us to create protection for the world, we need to remove the terrorist within every one of us. Within every one of us, there is a reactive guy, somebody that's going to throw a tantrum any time, and that's what really feeds globally— that's what we learn in the Kabbalah system— it feeds globally, all this reactivity of all associations or organizations that are made to be reactive. So be very conservative and cautious all the time of the spring. When the summer will come, we'll have fantastic planets with Venus and Jupiter, especially in the beginning of July, uniting together. It's a very good time to have unification, unifying our families, unifying with our partners, finding new partners for our life. That would be a fantastic time to grow love and light and friendships. Then we'll enter the fall, again very tricky, of 2015 exactly with Rosh Hashanah— the time of Rosh Hashanah— which is the cosmic new year, which will be really an effect of what happened in Aries. So whatever we can do to prevent chaos in our lives and in the global picture in the month of Aries and in the spring will have positive effect on the fall of 2015. But, again, we're going to have two eclipses, so we must be aware. It's two years in a row that we have a series of eclipses during very key cosmic windows in the Kabbalistic new year basically. And finally, the winter— the fall of 2015— we'll end up with 2016 and Jupiter being in Virgo, being more conservative, and helping us to consolidate many things. Now, we are protected, I must say, with a triangle of earth signs during the spring, so at least we have like some blanket to fall back into. This is our year for 2015. You guys, mutable signs, have a lot of changes happening due to Saturn, but globally, good spiritual work is what's going to save us from everything. Happy new year 2015. We'll talk soon.

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Forecast 2015

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