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The future of content creation and storytelling is starting here. [Glenn Gainor, Head of Physical Production, Screen Gems] I've always felt that technology can empower the human voice. And I feel we're doing that at Sony Innovation Studios with Dell. [Sony Pictures Studios, Culver City, CA] [Nicole Franco, Manager, Operations & Production, Sony Innovation Studios] This technology really empowers creatives to explore new possibilities. They can do shots they've never done before. They can film anywhere. They can film in New York. They can film in L.A. They can film in Paris all on the same stage. We used to Dell Precision actually to process a lot of the work that we use. [Bill Baggelaar, GM, Sony Innovation Studios] We take pictures and we take Lidar scans of a location and combine that together in order to capture that set. And once it's in the computer, we can zoom in. We can pull out. We can you can actually see the detail on cloth. You can see the lighting that was used. All of those things go into the re-creation of reality. [David Bailey, Director, Volumetric Image Acquisition, Sony Innovation Studios] I'm capturing probably about two or three hundred million pixels per shot where before it would take days and days and days to try to process all that and get it together. My precision workstation actually allows me to do that quickly. Virtual production enables filmmakers to integrate live action with digital assets in real time, and that enables them not to have to imagine anymore. They just seem front of their eyes. You have a camera that's sitting on a stage looking at a green screen with it with an actor in there. But you can rack focus into the set itself. Dell Technologies are fundamental to how this studio operates. To some, it might feel like it's science fiction. Like it's black magic or from the future. It is truly mind blowing. [Dell Technologies]

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