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Creek to Coast - Motorama Gordon Country Tag Along Part 1

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How’s the serenity? Nothing beats an escape to the county. But you know what makes it just that little bit better? Access to a four-wheel drive! We’re on the Great Dividing Range 2 hours southwest of Brisbane at a private property called Gordon Country. For the next few days, this is a four-wheel driver’s playground as the Motorama 4x4xMORE Club host one of their tagalong weekends. Motorama Customers are given the chance to really get to know their vehicles under expert guidance… So, if the aim of the game is to get real in your four-wheel drive the Play Pen is a good place to start. I’m keen to give this course a go and seeing as most of the four-wheel driving I’ve done has been on the beach… Darren from Motorama has jumped in to help me take on this tricky terrain. So, what we’re going to do here now, we’ll stay in first gear. So, we really want to hold up on this hill. This is probably the steepest hill you’re ever going to go down. So, it’s a pretty sheer drop. Just take everything off and just let the car do everything it needs to do "It’s in first, it’s in rock…let’s roll." Billy: "Do we just keep pointing straight?" Darren: "Yep. Let it go." Billy: Wow! The car is just driving. Darren: And it’s just holding you there. Billy: That’s impressive! Knowing the car’s capabilities is key, but that’s not the only thing to keep in mind. David Brickhill from Cooper Tires has joined us to share some tyre tips. We’re going through all different types of terrain from creeks, to hills, to descents. How important is it to have the right tyre on the right vehicle? Ah, I think it’s like anything, you’ve got to have the right equipment. You know, that starts off with the car and of course the main part that contacts the road all time is always the tyres. Some people out here are driving what we call sometimes, mum’s taxis. So therefore they’re probably coming out here and just about any four-wheel drive tyre will adhere to those terrains but then when we get to the more extreme stuff so like some mud crawling and getting up some of those rock faces that later on in the weekend that these guys will be doing you’re going to want something a little bit more aggressive and a little bit more open tread. and when you hit the dirt roads, there are some important things to remember for a smooth ride. when you get here you’ve got to down-pressurise your tyres too so out here on a weekend like this you’d be looking at running 22 to maybe 24 PSI and that gives the tyre a section where it can actually roll over rocks. It’s a softer ride, it’s a little bit easier to drive around on but the biggest thing is to remember when you’re heading home is to make sure you put those tyre pressures back up. There’s no point driving home on 24 or 26 PSI with kids in the back. It’s just not safe James has brought his kids along for the ride this weekend… …and as a bonus, he gets to put his newly fitted ST MAXX tyres through their paces… So, James how long have you had your four-wheel drive? Ah, I’ve had this one for two years, it’s the third one we’ve owned. yeah, two years and absolutely loving it. And have you done anything like this before like the tagalong we’re about to go on now? Have you done any of that sort of stuff? I’ve done a one day tagalong which was to Double Island Point to the beach. Most of the four-wheel driving we’ve done has been on the beach. So, when this one, when I became aware of it, I jumped at the chance. Like James, a lot of people attend these tagalongs to test their vehicles… But the rocky terrain can also test your patience…as well as your partner’s. "We could get thrown around a bit. " "Gary!" "Don’t do that again, you’ll break something!" Luckily… at the end of the day, there’s a chance to ‘cool off’ around the campfire … It makes for a great spot to share some laughs… And enjoy dinner in good company. You know what, I think it’s the perfect time to sit around this campfire, we’ll toast some marshmallows and tell some stories about today’s adventure. What do you think? We’ll catch you after the break to find out what tomorrow brings.

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